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Tis the Season to Enjoy the Holidays with Bravo TV’s  Stars, The Tankards (EUR Exclusive!)

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*With the holiday season upon us, Bravo TV’s, larger-than-life blended family, The Tankards, are gearing up for a festive season.   Bravo’s “Thicker than Water” reality star, Dr. Jewel Tankard, shares holiday tips to help you avoid being overwhelmed and breaking the bank during one of the most stressful times of the year.

Just the thought of all the work involved in prepping for the holiday season can be stressful.  Whether it is organizing family events, decorating the house, shopping for gifts, running errands or preparing the holiday meal, one can easily become overwhelmed if they do not plan.  The Tankards manage to put a plan in place and stick to it.

“Ben does the turkey. He has a love affair with the turkey, and He loves to cook the turkey standing up.  He goes out two or three days before Christmas and gets the turkey,” says Jewel.  She jokes about how he use to use the paper towel holder to cook the turkey on. She adds, “My oldest son, Marcus, is an amazing cook. He usually does Sweet Potato Pies and Banana Pudding.”  Their longtime cook does most of the cooking.

“Decorating the house is a big deal. We have three Christmas trees to go all out.  I really love Christmas and the whole decorating thing is amazing.  We decorate the house.  I really decorate the whole house. We have a good time.  The kids spend the night and we usually have gifts all over the place. So, the holiday is a big fun time for us,” she says excitedly.

Known as the “Black Brady Bunch,” the southern family manages to incorporate their love for each other, and their strong religious conviction with their desire for the finer things that life has to offer.  Her husband, Ben, has four children (Brooklyn, Benji, Brittany and Marcus) and Jewel has one (Cyrene) and a house full of in-law children and grandbabies. The Tankards believe that “God wants us all to be millionaires, and they aim for the best in everything they do.”  Even at Christmas time, the couple aims to teach their family about finances and shares their financial tips with the world.

Tankard, a global economist, millionairess, money mentor and network marketing extraordinaire, mentors women across the United States and in nearly 10 countries on innovative money matters, wealth strategies, and global economics.  Tankard is one of the top earners with the Ardyss International (MLM), where she attained the rank of Platinum, the company’s highest sales level.    She has grossed over $2million dollars and signed over 65K members to her organization.  The success with Ardyss landed Jewel an invitation to be a part of the reality TV show, “Amateur Millionaires Club.”

Alongside her husband, Ben, Jewel also pastors The Destiny Center, a growing, multi-cultural, non-denominational, church located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Ben is a former NBA basketball star, is known as the godfather of the gospel jazz music scene, and is considered the genre’s bestselling artist/producer of all time, earning several gold and platinum records and awards during his critically acclaimed career.


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Jewel Tankard

Tankard’s matriarch offers “Three Tips to Help you Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed” and “Tips to Avoid Breaking the Bank.”

3 Tips to Avoid Being Overwhelmed During the Holiday

  1. “It’s important to plan, plan, and plan. Pretty much, what we do annually is we go out at midnight and shop, or we will go out early in the morning and shop.  The girls go with me.  Black Friday is our big shopping day because they know I’m going in,” says Tankard.

Although Tankard says she likes to talk to their kids and let them know it’s not about material things, instead she emphasizes appreciating assets.  “We try to remind them not to go out and buy Jordan’s, Nike and Gucci. They have already built their legacy.  I am not against those designers because I have some too.  This year we’re going to set up automatic accounts for gold and silver.”   She adds, “When I give gifts, I tried to give them something they can appreciate. We try to make sure we give them a gift that adds some value — appreciating assets.”

  1. Make sure you enjoy the holiday. Make sure you enjoy the process so you will not end up feeling robbed of the blessings of the holiday. I do believe Jesus is the reason for the season.  Definitely make a decision to enjoy the holiday regardless.
  2. Take some time to clean as you go. Go through your house and de-clutter the house. Make sure you are de-cluttered. Update and take the end of the year to de-clutter and organize and win big in 2018.

Although the Tankards enjoy having fun during the holidays, Jewel is serious about educating the masses about financial security, and she will not allow the holidays to pass without putting her two cents in.  “Financial education is continuously.  Take your life seriously. African-Americans share very diverse thoughts about money and the management and growing of it and all of that. Tankard says, “Money impacts every area of your life.  It determines where you go grocery shopping, where your children go to school, where they go to camp, what zip code you live in, and whether you get a new car when you need a new car, or if you need a second car if the first one go out.”

She adds, “You don’t have to choose between peace and love, you can have it all. You can have peace, love and prosperity, but you got to connect with people that can cultivate that mindset.”  In addition, she has a proven record that can help you get your financial life together.

Tis the Season to Save: Jewel’s 5 Holiday Tips that Won’t Break the Bank

  1. Acknowledge that if I keep doing the same things that I’ve done before, I’ll never get ahead. The only difference between rich and poor is information. Make it your point to assess where you are financially. And make it a point to learn new information that will allow you to be able to expand and not be able to cut corners. Year after year, I don’t think God designed us to live with limits, but sometimes we do because we don’t know any better. Do you like your life right now? Figure that out!
  2. Ask yourself, what is your relationship like with money? Most people feel pressured to spend, but don’t continue to spend money that you don’t have.
  3. Maybe this is a great time to create additional income and make a decision that if I can’t pay cash I’m not going to get it. It may mean going to Michaels and get some arts and crafts or giving gifts from the heart, opposed to putting you back in debt.
  4. Make sure you look at what happen last holiday. Ask yourself, was I in debt? Was I under pressure when January rolled around?  What was that like?

5 .  Discuss with your family where you are and where you want to be.  Make it a group activity. It would be a great goal for 2018, and I want us to grow as a family that will keep us ahead in 2018.

“I wanna see people live their dream. I want to see people live beyond what they have become accustomed to living,” says Jewel.

Jewel Tankard will kick off her Millionairess Conference on January 20, 2018, @ the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, GA.  Tickets are $159.  Top financial experts from around the world will speak,

To register, visit  The conference will sell out. Join the Millionairess Club @

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