Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Trump Lackey Darrell Scott Says Blacks Should Have ‘Intercourse’ with Trump (WATCH)

msnbc panel with darrell scott

*Usually when we talk about a-holes, we’re almost always referring the orange a-hole in the White House.

Well, now we have another a-hole to discuss, but this one we shall designate as the black a-hole buddy of the orange a-hole. His government name is Darrell Scott. His official title is CEO of the “Trump National Diversity Coalition.” He’s also known as Pastor Darrell Scott, by the way.

Scott of course is one of Donald Trump‘s Negro acolytes who are at his beck and call to do his bidding when comes to African Americans. An example of that was yesterday on MSNBC when Scott, scowl and all, tried to bully and criticize black folks in general and specifically a mostly black panel of commentators (including him) on the news network for having the gall to shun Trump over his racist comments, and complained about black Americans not wanting to have “intercourse” with Trump.

The MSNBC panel was there to react to Trump’s appearance at the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, MS.

darrell scott - msnbc - intercourse with trump
Pastor Darrell Scott

As we reported earlier, Trump got the proverbial cold shoulder from civil rights icon John Lewis, who declined to attend after Trump was invited, as did the black mayor of Jackson and other leaders in the region. The NAACP also asked him not to attend, citing his history of racially insensitive and divisive comments.

The panel, which included former NAACP head Ben Jealous, activist/TV host Al Sharpton and Professor James Peterson who expressed their skepticism about Trump’s supposed outreach to minority communities. Well, Scott basically couldn’t handle it (the truth) and in his rebuke of the other panelists, came his comment that they should instead, have “intercourse” with his master.

“Blacks as a whole decline to have anything to do with President Trump, and then they refuse to have intercourse with him and then criticize him for not having intercourse,” Scott rambled.

We assume he meant to say “discourse,” but what came out of his mouth … twice was “intercourse.” Watch:

Scott, who pastors a church in the Cleveland claims he regularly huddles with members of Trump’s inner circle, and bragged that he is in regular contact with Trump himself. Here’s what he told Cleveland.com:

“They’re family. They look at me as family and I look at them as family.”

As you no doubt know, organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus have avoided Trump’s overtures, declining to be used by his administration as the backdrop for his photo opps. They learned their lesson from the debacle that occurred after Trump hosted the heads of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), only to give those schools the shaft when it came time to fund them.

And then there are Trump’s constant comments about African Americans, Mexicans, Muslims and other minorities that are … if not racist, borderline racist.

So it’s no wonder that people Trump’s treated negatively are not even remotely thrilled at the thought of “having intercourse” with him.




  1. This is the same idiot who told Trump that “Chicago gang thugs” had personally phoned him — some no-name pastuh’ in Ohio — to talk about peace when Trump took office because they believed in, and wanted to work with him. So, yeah, there’s always at least one black clown/sellout. Trump has managed to identify several.

  2. As an “alleged” journalist/writer your lack of comprehension of the English language is as stupefying as your article is intellectually dishonest. Just in case, you seriously do not understand what intercourse means – outside of the sexual connotation that seems to perversely please you – let me break it down to it’s primary, and simplest, form of usage: communications or dealings between individuals or groups. Hence, the prefixed “sexual” to clarify specificity of the type of intercourse referred to.
    People like YOU really do so much to feed into the misperception, here at home and abroad, that ours is a culture/race compromised by intellectual inferiority…but if you really do not know what the 10th-grade word “intercourse” means, then perhaps the stereotype is not far removed after all. Or perhaps you are simply another lying, manipulative promulgator of the tragic dumbing down of our people.
    I unsubscribed to this rubbish site already…How the hell does such brain-numbing excrement keep ending up on my newsfeed??

  3. To those of you who have a limited knowledge of the English language, No, he probably meant exactly what he said, Intercourse as in social intercourse or better known as discussion, conversation…You’re showing your own ignorance by posting this as click bait by implying he said sexual relations type intercourse, Eurweb.

  4. Do better eurweb.
    Always look up a word because you may not know all of its meanings and then you look DUMB,,when all it took was a quick search.

  5. in fact you should admit the mistake and take the story down,with your tail between your legs.
    Dude couldn’t pronounce Medgar Evers name correctly though.Cringe worthy.

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