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Leela James Returns to LA Hometown for Concert with Tank on Dec. 6 (EUR EXCLUSIVE!)

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Leela James

*Get set for soulful songstress Leela James and Tank to perform at the Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles on December 6, 2017.

“The tour is called Savage and Soul,” Leela James told the EUR in a phone interview. “He being the savage and I’m representing the soul. L.A. is one of the last couple of stops of the tour. I was born in L.A., so, I’m hoping I’ll have a good turn out and people will have a good time.”

She continued, “It’s a blessing (performing in Los Angeles).” “It’s so surreal considering that’s where I came from and knowing as a little girl the dreams I had are coming true is so good.”

When asked if James and Tank will perform together at the concert, James would only reveal, “Night after night you just never know what you’re going to get.”

What you can expect James to perform are songs from her latest album, “Did It For Love,” released earlier this year. Singles including – “Don’t Want You Back,” and “All Over Again” – have been shaking up the R&B charts and shows the different sides of relationships.

“They personify the different moods that you can actually go through when you’re experiencing love – good and bad,” said James. “Somedays you could feel not in the mood and other days you could feel very lovey-dovey and romantic.”

“With the album, my whole concept was all of the things that you do and did are in the name of love,” she continued. “A lot of times when we’re in the midst of something, we don’t always think with our best head and think with the head of love. Sometimes we do things that we might not otherwise do.”

“Did It For Love” is James’ 6th album and while her music has evolved since she hit the scene over 10 years ago, the singer, who many refer to as “baby Etta James,” keeps her sound and flair pretty consistent.

“Every album gets better with time,” said James. “It’s more mature than my previous albums but it’s definitely still in the soul range. Creatively, I think I’m more comfortable in my skin and confident in terms of producing and writing material. I just continue to get better.”

While giving her fans what they want, she also keeps it real with her hair. Although she rocks different hairstyles, her fans appreciate her “big hair, don’t care” style.

“It pretty much came about and still exists because, believe it or not, I’m very lazy when it comes to my hair,” James said. “I’m very low maintenance. That’s how it started with me not wanting to be bothered.”

Leela James

James continued with a message for black women to do what they want with their tresses.

“I’m very comfortable in my skin and I can care less what other people think. I choose to do what I want to do with my hair whether I wear it pressed, curled, or whatever. It’s my prerogative to do so.”

For more information, on Leela James, check out her Twitter and Instagram pages. To buy tickets for her stop in Los Angeles with Tank on December 17, 2017 and remaining tour dates, click here.




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