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EUR Was in the House for Oprah Own’s ‘Checked Inn’ Luncheon (Pics/Video)

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‘Checked Inn’ cast Glenn Pogue, Monique Greenwood, and Glynn Pogue. (MMoore Photo)

EURweb was in the house for Oprah OWN’s “Checked Inn” luncheon at entrepreneur Monique Greenwood’s first B&B, opened in 1995, located in Brooklyn, NY.

Greenwood now runs four Akwaaba—which means Welcome—Inns. Today, Akwaaba Bread & Breakfast Inns are the east coast’s most successful B&B businesses.

Outside Akwaaba Inn (MMoore Photo)

“Checked Inn” premieres on OWN, Nov 21st and viewers can catch Greenwood and her staff in action. Besides a place where pampered guests get to chill, be restored, and have an experience they’ll never forget, they can also walk away with words of wisdom from the engaging Innkeeper.

Foyer to Akwaaba Inn (MMoore Photo)

Set at Akwaaba’s Mansion Noble Lane in the Poconos, the site of the former Woolworth estate, some of the celebs caught on camera are Grammy® winner Peabo Bryson, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter and Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer.

An inviting and warming fire. (MMoore Photo))

Greenwood left her job as an Essence Magazine editor to start a successful chain of Inns. Having created an impressive legacy for her daughter Glynn Pogue [she works with her dad Glenn Pogue as well], I asked Greenwood who is her inspiration? “I should say Oprah, because it’s true [laughs], but you know I’m just motivated by so many people.

The Reading Room. (MMoore Photo)

“I think the one obscure person is Mary McLeod Bethune,” she continued. “She is someone I looked up to and I went to her house. I could say my mother; I could say lots of people but to be honest with you, the number one woman that inspires me is sitting next to me [she looks at her daughter]. I told her this before. It gives me faith that we’re going to be alright because we have wonderful young people who are the next generation like her. I see her passion and her determination.”

Monique Greenwood and daughter Glynn Pogue. (MMoore Photo)

For guests who want to tickle the ivories (MMoore Photo)

At the en of the day a soothing and relaxing bath can be had here. (MMoore Photo)      Twitter: @thefilmstrip


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