Thursday, October 21, 2021

We Knew This Was Coming: ‘I Should’ve Left Them in Jail!’ is Trump’s Response to LaVar Ball

Donald Trump on Sunday said he was sorry for helping secure the release of three college basketball players caught shoplifting in China, after one of their fathers downplayed the president’s role. The UCLA trio of LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were briefly detained for stealing from a Louis Vuitton store in the city of Hangzhou earlier this month in what became a minor diplomatic incident.



  1. 2 blowhards and not surprisingly both are wrong.

    Trump shouldn’t expect or want a thank you,the people he helped thanked him directly because it was the right thing to do,but you don’t demand a thank you .But this is Mr it’s all about me. He is showing how stupid,classless etc etc and petty he is AGAIN!

    With that said Ball boy should say thank you because who knows what could have happened to his Son and
    the others, since they really did steal the merchandise in at least 3 different locations.This dude shows he has no class,couth,gratefulness etc etc etc. Say thank you and keep it moving.

  2. I’d like to add that Ball boy keeps putting a target on his sons and this one is more serious than NBA players. His sons, I believe drive a Ferrari,both of the two young ones . A lot of police are trump supporters. Also UCLA may say and they might have already, we don’t want Ball boy around our program so both his sons are out .And who knows, others may fell the same if that happens.

    Don’t compare crimes,there are worse crimes then stealing sunglasses the dummy said. That attitude is why your idiot son this stunt because dumb Daddy thinks it not a big deal. Yet he didn’t wait in China with his son,maybe he didn’t need to.

    There is a brother currently locked up in China wrongfully,there is supposedly video proving his innocence,he had a trial ,yet he is still in jail.His Mom has already said if trump gets him out she will definitely thank him . The petty president may feel that I ain’t helping this guy and what about other Black people who get caught up in foolishness in China, they could target other Black people,not that they targeted the son and company.

    Dude in jail got in a skirmish because some people wanted to have a drink with him,he was in a bar and he refused and the skirmish broke out. When you go to another man’s country you should try to be hospitable,leave the attitude in America. Now who knows when he’s coming back. You should know the customs when you visit another country. Yeah he should be able to say no but would it have hurt mr surly,if that is indeed true.

    So dumb ass Ball boy it aint just about you,it’s about the people who may come behind you and protecting your family.


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