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NFL Players Assoc. Hooks-up With Youth For the ‘Game of Life’

NFLPA Former Players, NFL
NFL Players Association former players

*Studies show, that young adults who display higher financial literacy early on, are less likely to exhibit high-risk financial behavior.

Balancing a checkbook and paying bills on time are basic activities, but essential to establishing and maintaining good credit, to buy a home, to purchase a car or to start a business.

APEX Leadership Academy’s “GAME of LIFE Financial Series” is specifically designed to address these concerns.

After two full Saturdays of workshops, held at The University of Phoenix in Southfield, nearly 30 high school students received both formal and informal training on becoming more financially astute. Former NFL Players, including Benny Blades, Jim Thrower, Alfred Fields, George Jamison, Scott Conover, Ron Rice, and President of the Detroit Chapter NFLPA, Tim Walton, shared real-world techniques for believing in themselves, reasons for gaining a strong sense of how business works along with personal stories of what it was like to earn and spend the kind of money they did.

As part of this “Activate MY Greatness” program, the goals were to:

* Strengthen their awareness of financial opportunities
* Develop financial confidence in everyday transactions
* Utilize banking services and other financial institutions effectively as well as
* Increase knowledge of their personality traits and how to exhibit personal leadership

Antonio Stokes, a Financial Advisor for Antonio Stokes Advisors, delivered two 3-hour long sessions on topics that included; Credit Scores, Managing a Bank Account & their Income, Strategies for holding on to more of their money along with How to Write a Check, Complete a W-4 and understand deductions on a Pay Stub.

During the Personal Leadership segments of the training, Edward Foxworth, CEO and Head Coach of APEX Leadership Academy, provided instruction on understanding themselves better through some essential personality traits, the purpose and importance of personal leadership along with how they could synthesize personal success strategies with being good stewards of their money. “I can’t think of a better use of our time as men, but especially as former professional athletes, than giving back to young people who are eager to learn,” said Tim Walton.

As part of this program, students, who came from different Metro Detroit High Schools, received workbooks, lunch each day, book bags, incentives and Certificates of Completion all because of sponsorships from Comerica Bank, Doug Walls and the Eagle Excavation Team, the Detroit Lions, the NFL PA, Henry Ford Health Systems, and proceeds from a Former Players, Detroit Chapter sponsored fundraiser held this past summer.

“I am grateful to have had these professionals come and participate in this meaningful series,” says Mr. Foxworth. “As we plan for additional trainings on College Preparation, Leadership Education, and Career Planning in the coming months, sponsors are needed to support delivering the same level of quality to more Metro Detroit youth.”

Organizations and individuals interested in this “Activate MY Greatness” Program for youth can visit for more information or to make a tax-deductible donation!






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