Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Blac Chyna to Tyga: ‘Tell Kylie Jenner to Prove the Baby is Not Yours’ (VIDEO)

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*While some social media users enjoy debating about whether or not the Kardashians are industry whores, rapper Tyga may soon join in on the debate.

The former rapper is reportedly not 100% convinced that Travis Scott is the daddy of Kylie Jenner’s baby. He’s hoping a DNA test will prove is he the father, which would give him access to Kylie’s money and privilege for the next 18 years. 

Was Kylie banging both Tyga and Travis at the same time? Possibly, and it looks like Blac Chyna has her suspicions too. She has reportedly told her ex to demand Kylie prove the child is not his.

Chyna and Tyga are at a pretty good place nowadays,” a source close to Chyna stated, “and they’re able to come together for the sake of their son. They’ve bonded over their Kardashian nightmare, and feel they both had a lucky escape.”

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Tyga and Blac recently put their Kardashian drama to the side in order to celebrate their son’s, King Cairo, birthday.  And according to an insider with the tea, the two talked about Kylie’s pregnancy during the event. Spies also claim that Chyna was in and out of the bathroom doing lines of coke with friends during the b-day bash, but that’s a topic for another day. 

“Chyna told Tyga he needs to demand a paternity test once her baby is born because she doesn’t trust anyone in that family as far as she can throw them,” claims the insider. 

Tyga’s been texting Kylie while Travis has been on tour, a source confessed, adding that Tyga would love to get back with her, but Kylie has zero interest in him.

Kylie’s sees Tyga’s talk of paternity tests as being desperate to get her back into his life.

Neither Kylie nor her older half-sister Khloe Kardashian have confirmed news of their pregnancies, leading many to believe that one of them will fake a miscarriage to drum up ratings for their miserable reality TV show. We all know how much the Kardashian Klan loves to stage PR stunts to keep the family relevant.



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