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Tupac Mentee, Dahlia McCutchen, Brings Revealing Truth in ‘I Testify’

dahlia mccutchen (i testify cover)

*”Who would have known that Tupac Shakur and I would meet again but under completely different circumstances.

Those circumstances would lead to an apology and a life filled with entertainment and music. I couldn’t believe that what was once an abrasive encounter, ended up being an endearing moment of truth.

“He went from disrespecting me to becoming someone that I could confide in and release my pain to. I will NEVER forget the one conversation that led to our amazing connection, friendship and relationship.”

Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Single Mother, and Survivalist Dahlia E. McCutchen was on the scene long before video vixens and side chicks became social media darlings.

dahlia mccutchen (i testify1)

Dahlia was being indoctrinated into a world she had no idea would turn into an endless roller coaster of instability from age 15 to 21 in which dancing became a means to an end and an intoxicating seductress to a lifestyle filled with money, celebrity, power, betrayal, greed and even prison; a life that even Tupac Shakur tried to save her from.

A redemptive tale of survival,  I Testify chronicles the path that led Dahlia on a tumultuous road through hell and back and how she now uses her life as an example of empowerment hoping to show women that no matter where you come from, and  no matter how low life gets, you have to stay in the fight for life at all.

The self-published I Testify is currently available at

Dahlia E. McCutchen currently resides in Houston, TX., with her two children where she is completing her bachelors’ in Behavior Analysis (child & adolescent psychology) and writing books.







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