Monday, September 26, 2022

Message to A Delusional Vince Herbert: Tamar is Gone for Good

tamar & vince

*If Vince Herbert has fond thoughts of saving his marriage with Tamar Braxton, somebody is delusional and that somebody is Vince Herbert.

So say sources close to Tamar. They say there’s absolutely no possibility she’ll go back to Vince now that she’s filed divorce papers. Tamar’s had enough. Their 9-year marriage had been tumultuous for too long and she’s hellbent on ending it for good this time.

She’s surrounding herself with family and friends to keep her focused on both her career and her personal life.

A TMZ report says she’s already moved out of the family home. Vince had been telling friends he’s willing to try counseling, but Tamar’s not receptive. As for their TV show, “Tamar & Vince”, she’s still doing the press tour but she’s doing it solo.

Bottom line … she’s done with Vince, and so is the family.

In other news about the break up of Vince and Tamar’s marriage, earlier we posted news about the estranged couple’s hot TV show, “Tamar & Vince” that had tongues wagging. The title says it all: TAMAR BRAXTON REMOVES WEDDING RING IN ‘TAMAR & VINCE’ TRAILER [WATCH]

Here’s what we reported:

*Shortly after news broke that Tamar Braxton and her music producer husband Vince Herbert were calling it quits, WE tv jumped on the headlines by releasing a revealing trailer for Season 5 of the couple’s reality show.

“I’m not willing to live like I’ve been living,” says Tamar in the sneak peek.

The “Tamar & Vince” preview highlights some of the struggles and marital issues between the singer and her manager/husband.

“With everything that I’ve been through this past year, I have chosen to overcome,” Braxton says in the video. “Gotta cut out the notice, the negativity, the naysayers. I need everybody to put their pride aside and just reunite.”

Braxton is then seen telling her friend Tiny Harris that she wants to be her “own CEO of [her] life.”

“I think Tamar’s going through a midlife crisis,” Herbert says in the clip.

“I think you should get another manager before you want to get another husband,” Harris adds.

The trailer ends with Tamar taking off her wedding ring as she says, “I’m not willing to live like I’ve been living.”

Watch the clip above.





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