Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina Estate Settle with TV One Over Biopic

bobby brown loses blood
*For a while, they were going at each other, but now Bobby Brown and the Bobbi Kristina estate have come to terms with TV One regarding the biopic on her life.

In September, Brown and the estate hooked up in a failing effort to stop the biopic from airing. As we reported, Bobby Brown said he would be defamed by the portrayal of him as a bad dad, and Bobbi Kristina’s estate claimed the show violated her right to privacy.

The bottom line is the film aired anyway last month on October 8. But the good news for Booby and the estate is that they are going get some compensation. Now we don’t know the exact amount of the settlement, but they were asking for $2 million.

Apparently the settlement did the trick ’cause the case is now dismissed, reports TMZ.

oj simpson - screenshot (at night1)

*We gotta say we’re finding The Juice, OJ Simpson, to be likeable/personable and apparently very approachable in his in post-prison “old age.”

We got another glimpse of that when he was approached by a videographer from Splash News regarding his thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner. Simpson says Jenner may have found the secret to old age by transitioning into a woman.

OJ was out and about in ‘Vegas all by himself when he was asked about Caitlyn Jenner claiming that she and Kris Jenner both had an inclination that O.J. committed the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Well, The Juice’s witty response to the question (and Caitlyn’s comment) came with with a hint of sarcasm and a slight jab at Caitlyn’s transition.

Simpson says he’s never met Caitlyn, but Jenner choosing “to live his life as an old lady instead of an old man,” may be smart because “women live longer.”

We immediately had a macabre thought involving his late wife, Nicole Brown, but we ain’t gonna go there. We’ll just keep it to ourselves.

Instead, we’ll just say that his response was in fact hilarious, but interesting and insightful.





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