Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rickey Thompson: From Vine to YouTube Red Series: ‘Foursome’

*Internet sensation Rickey Thompson has used his platform to create relate-able yet entertaining videos. He first received recognition from his Vine account a couple of years ago. Who knew that would’ve landed him a re-occurring role in the YouTube Red series “Foursome.”

Ricky is from Raleigh, NC. Growing up he knew he wanted to be an actor. In High School he started up an account with Vine.  From there, he grew 1 million followers on one platform. Later he moved to Los Angeles at 19. Since moving to California, he’s booked his first role in “Foursome.”

Of course with success there are challenges. So far, Rickey has faced some creative barriers along the way. He mentioned the unique differences Vine and YouTube showcase. One major factor is time.

“It was very difficult because with Vine I was only being funny in 6 seconds which was pretty easy…But with Youtube, you have to write down what you’re about to say… You have to make sure every joke fits… It used to be really quick and simple; but now you really have to put your hard work into it like a YouTube video.”

In January of this year Vine decided to discontinue their services which ran the potential of many creatives loosing their following from that platform to the next. Rickey on the other hand was fortunate to have a very supportive following and had no problem making the change to YouTube.

The 21 year old’s subscribers and following inspires hime to create. He’s happy he can be a source of inspiration to those around the world from all walks of life.

“Usually I never plan out my videos. I just think of an idea. I turn on my camera and I just get ready to record.”

YouTube also allows Thompson the creative freedom to share free flowing and structured content. His channel started out as an outlet for him. At the moment, the North Carolina native has over 600,000 subscribers on his channel.


In the series Foursome Rickey plays a character named Dakota who is unafraid to speak his mind and a member of the group of misfits known as the “Foursome.” The actor feels he can relate to his character in more than one way.

Dakota’s confident and  adventurous attitude is what Rickey identifies with the most outside of his character.

“Dakota is literally me. Everything he says is something I would say. His attitude is like mine.”

Currently, Rickey plans to continue creating content on social media while landing larger roles in the acting world.

“ I want to play a superhero. I really want to be in the Marvel type scene or I’d love to be a villain… I feel like it would give me a challenge.”

As Rickey Thompson’s career progresses’ the millennial is not taking any days off. He’s writing a show with his best friend. He’s still planning to act; however, he’s really focused on the show.

Season 3 of “Foursome” is different from season 1 & 2. A lot of crazy things will arise between the characters while the friendships grow strong. All 10 episodes will be available via YouTube Red on the November 1st at 11am PST.

Check out season 3’s trailer below:




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