Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Chrisette Michelle Says She & Tina Campbell are Being ‘Choice Shamed’ & ‘Bullied’

chrisette michele & tina campbell

*As we reported yesterday, Chrisette Michele told the world about the issues she’s been dealing with since accepting Donald Trump‘s invite to sing at his inaugural.

She laments that she was shown the door by her label, she miscarried and was suicidal. It seems that her Trump decision has had some serious negative consequences for her.

Chrisette Michele is not alone in her Trump based misery, if you recall. There’s also gospel singer and one half of Mary Mary, Tina Campbell who’s also suffering a backlash from fans/supporters because of her admitted choice for president: Donald Trump.

Well, Chrisette feels that she and Tina are being ‘choice shamed’ for their decisions.

She writes,

“Adults do this thing I’d like to call “choice shaming.” It mimics what children do with bullying. It causes a silencing that mutes the people who have made great contributions. We can disagree without division. Stay #StrongBlackWoman”

Ms. Michele you can call it bullying if you want, but the reality is that you and Ms. Campbell are out of step with your constituents. They don’t like what you did and they are sending you a message. It’s your choice how you respond to the message.

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  1. I don’t see the reaction as “choice shaming” but instead my feeling about your choice is “now that I know who YOU are, i won’t support you.” With the revelations of both Tina and Chrisette, i no longer play their music that I once purchased. This my choice and a rejection of the person’s lack of values and character being revealed because they told me of their voting choice.

    As an example:I completely stopped watching the Mary’s tv show because I absolutely can’t stand the person erica presented “herself” to be!!!!!! She convinced me that she is selfish, characterless, petty, pretentious, phony, and not a good representation of what family means. That is family in the definition I apply to biological and/or Christian!!! when she decided that her solo career was all that mattered and that her very own SISTER and partner, Tina did not matter over her choice to become a solo artist—-i refused to watch another season. With Tina’s marriage exploding and her pain, it meant far less to erica than erica’s baby shower Tina didn’t attend. erica insisted that Tina’s pregnancy was of less value than her own and did not deserve consideration to the baby’s health or even survival. When erica decided not to tour while pregnant it cost the group 250K!!!! Two of erica’s younger sisters with lives and men of their own had erica demand that they be unpaid babysitters to erica’s children because she said so. erica decided that a solo performance was of more value to her than her attendance at own Mother’s birthday celebration.

    dummie dump is a sexual predator, an insufferable moron, though proud racist and bigot, he’s a criminal in business, ignorant, selfish, stupid, a serial cheater in marriage, untrustworthy, and intentionally dishonest if he’s speaking. He doesn’t even consider apologizing when PROVEN wrong AND lying. one can choose to vote for him but i won’t, don’t,
    and will have nothing to do with him or YOU.

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