Sunday, October 2, 2022

Couple Charged with Causing Officer to Have ‘Some Type Of Cardiac Event’ [VIDEO]

*An officer from Tennessee had a complete nervous breakdown while attempting to apprehend a couple, and his body cam captured the intense moment when a frightened paramedic forced the deputy to hand over his weapon.

Deputy Justin Johnson started to hyperventilate after becoming fearful for his life as he tried to arrest Brian Keith Mullinax, 41, and his girlfriend, Tina Carrie Jo Cody, 37.

“Shots fired,” he told dispatchers via his radio. “We need help!”

At one point, a paramedic on site attempts to calm Johnson and forces him to hand over his gun  — fearing that someone could get shot accidentally.

According to the Daily Mail, the breakdown wasn’t mentioned in his report on the December 2016 incident, and he remains on active duty. 

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The British tabloid also notes that Mullinax and Cody ended up spending 42 days in jail after being accused of causing a ‘panic attack’ which a detective called ‘some type of cardiac event.’

Cody was unarmed at the time of the incident as she was held on the ground by Johnson and paramedic Blake Gregg. The video also shows the officer firing seven shots toward a set of mobile homes before Mullinax ran away towards the road. 

A second paramedic, Michael O’Connor, then ran toward Johnson.

“Pull it together!” O’Connor yelled. “Look at me!”

Johnson had hyperventilated so strongly that one of his contact lenses popped out of his eye.

It’s not clear whether the sheriff’s office conducted an internal investigation on him or ordered psychological testing, or required Johnson to undergo counseling or additional training. 


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