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Trinidad James & Futuristic Inform EUR About the Rise of the Indie Artist in ‘Independent’

*Urban World hosted its annual film festival in New York City on September 28, 2017; we were on the red carpet at AMC Theater where films and new documentaries were premiered.

One of the series that we caught was “Independent” an unscripted series follows four of hip hop’s most exciting independent artists, Futuristic, Reverie, Sean Brown, and Trinidad James, as they work to take over the music scene without the ties of a major record label.

Stage 13” follows these bold artists as they grow their fan base, tour internationally and deal with the harsh realities that come when chasing the dream. “Independent” is about the hustle, the vision and the American Hip-Hop dream.

We were able to meet with two cast members of the upcoming series “Independent” airing on Stage 13 a fearless, original digital content brand showcasing a new generation of inspired talent and voices in scripted and unscripted storytelling.

The series will be seen on the Stage 13 distribution platforms including mobile, social and digital. Creating dynamic, unapologetic series for a multidimensional audience, Stage 13 is a part of the Warner Bros Digital Networks.  Futuristic and Trinidad James took some time out of their press tour to talk with us:

EURweb: I want to talk about the music, how long have you been an artist?

Futuristic: “I been rapping since I was 6 years old professionally doing it since 2012, ummmm, yea I just be rapping and singing and touring all over the world.”

EURweb: Independent, the series coming out featuring you and other independent artist, tell us a little about it?

Futuristic: “Independent, is super dope, its hella real, they followed me around for 4-5 months, and its just a backstage look at my entire life from, putting together a show, merchandising and recording music.  It’s really a backstage look before you see the final project and the struggle to get to where we are.”



trinidad james
Trinidad James


EURweb: With the emerging of Independent artist, do you want to be signed to a major label or do you prefer to be independent?

Futurstic: “ I love being Independent, everything has its ups and its downs, but I can’t see myself being happy on a label and happiness is the most important thing to me in the world.  I enjoy having the freedom to do what I want, how I want, when I want. My  manager and I  we handle it all ourselves, at the end of the day I can look back and say I created thisI’m not saying signing is out of the question, I’m just saying I really enjoy the process of being Independent.”

EURweb: You had a hit record a few years back (All Gold Everything) as an indie artist, what projects are you working on now?

Trinidad James: “The Force is my record label Go Game records, drop a record called Father Figure and my single is called “DAD”

EURweb:  There will be a lot of up coming artist that will watch this series for an inside look on how to become a successful Indie artist, something like a roadmap, can you share your roadmap as a artist?

Trinidad James: “I basically just jumped into the fire, I didn’t have a mentor or anything like that, I decided I wanted to do music and made my way, each artist on the show Independent shows you how everyone came up differently.  All of us had our own grind; which are all different and unique to make it happen for us.”

EURweb: What do you think the viewers from the show will get from watching the journey of the artist?

Trinidad James: Just to learn about music and the business from a different perspective.  You will learn it from a minor and major label prospective; they will get a different type of knowledge and just more about the artist.

Independent will air on October 19, on   See it above or check it out on Stage13 YouTube channel.





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