Monday, May 16, 2022

Floyd’s Retired But The Money Team is Definitely Not

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Source: Floyd Mayweather via Facebook

*If you hadn’t heard about Floyd Mayweather’s recent fight with MMA superstar Conor McGregor back in August, we hope you enjoyed your Mars vacation and welcome back to the home planet. To get you caught up, the brash boxer had himself a great day by winning the fight handily, rounding up his pro record to 50-0, and pocketing a payday of roughly $300 million, pushing his total earnings over the $1 billion mark.

While the fallen Irishman may yet test himself again in the boxing ring, with sportsbooks such as MrGreen offering odds of 6/4 of him defeating potential opponent Paulie Malignaggi, Mayweather hung up his gloves for the third, and likely final, time following the fight. ‘Money’ now has tons of time to do what he wants with his tons of money. Apparently one of his priorities is to put that money to work in new business ventures. The boxer’s always had a reputation for having a sharp business mind and he’s gotten involved in numerous projects before his retirement and that number seems set to grow now that he’ll have more time to devote.

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Source: Floyd Mayweather via Facebook

The Grand Rapids, Michigan native has been living in Las Vegas for quite some time and loves to partake in the gaming options the city provides. A week after his big win over McGregor, ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd was playing the slot machines, and hit a whopping jackpot of $105,000! Mayweather immediately went to celebrate at the gentleman’s club, Girl Collection, which he happens to own and which he opened earlier this year.

In addition to the club, Floyd is part of the Mayweather Music Group, which supports and manages up-and-coming hip-hop artists like Lil Jamez and DJ Jay Bling and will be getting into the concert promotion industry.

Mayweather has a tight inner circle and he expects loyalty and it seems he’s ready to reward that loyalty. Consider his support for Melissa Brim – mother of one of his only daughter Iyanna – in helping her start her company Nappiesaks which produces goodie bags for baby showers. Josie Harris, meanwhile, shares sons Koraun and Zion and daughter Jirah with Mayweather; Floyd helped her get her own clothing line off the ground. One of TMT’s most important members is Mayweather’s personal massage therapist, Doralie Medina who is on-call 24/7. Floyd, impressed with her business savvy, decided to invest in her cosmetics line, BadMedina.

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Source: Floyd Mayweather via Facebook

Not surprisingly for arguably the best defensive boxer and one of the most accurate punchers in the history of boxing, Mayweather has an uncanny eye for details and those close to him say nothing gets past him. Case in point, he once said the ‘Do not disturb’ signs in a hotel he was staying at should be remade with a promotional mention of his fight to drive pay-per-view sales. He’s also showing an eye for diversity as he invests in various sectors to go along with an already extensive property portfolio, plans for clothing and shoe lines and his very own boxing gym franchise. Floyd’s retirement is only a couple months old yet his focus towards this next chapter is apparent. It wouldn’t be shocking if he’s looking punch his way into the billionaire’s club.





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