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Pastor Apologizes After Wife Rants Against NFL Players Protesting Racism (Watch)

Rev. Ron Carpenter Jr. and Hope Carpenter
Rev. Ron Carpenter Jr. and Hope Carpenter

*The pastor of a South Carolina megachurch had to come out and apologize for his wife on Thursday after she posted an angry Facebook message targeting black NFL players who take a knee against against social injustice.

Fox Carolina reported that Rev. Ron Carpenter, Jr. of Greenville’s Redemption Church posted the apology video on Facebook after his wife Hope Carpenter criticized pro athletes who kneel in protest during the national anthem.

“This will not fix racism! Duh!!! Only Jesus!,” she wrote. “If you wanna kneel… then u [sic] better be praying to the one and only who can heal our land.”

Black athletes, she said, should “stop thinking about it from your history or race” and admit that “our country is not yo [sic] blame!”

Ron Carpenter said the ongoing backlash surrounding her post has left Hope too “emotional” to respond, so he recorded a video instead to include both of their apologies.

He and his wife both grew up in military families, Carpenter said, and “view the flag as sacred.” And that in spite of her post, Hope has “one of the best hearts” of anyone he’s ever known.

“It’s been tough, the things that have been said about us… but maybe we deserved it,” Carpenter said. “Maybe this is a learning moment for us. So I’m not going to tell you to be quiet. I’m going to tell you to teach me.”

“We ask you to forgive us if we’ve hurt you in any way,” he continued. “I ask you to teach me what I don’t know… I don’t want to be ignorant.”

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  1. Dear Pastor Ron:

    Today Hope and you became Black. Blacks are judged for a single thing over which they have no control, skin color. Today you are being judged not by all you have done and the content of your character by the color of your skin. You are being seen by some as white racists. Just as Blacks are not inferior you are not racists because of your skin color. This is what we face all the time, so welcome to our world. It is a pain we live with but have learned to embrace it as we are getting to know Him in the Fellowship of His sufferings. I see you as a sincere pastor and I believe what you said about Hope. God will bring you both through this trial and you will grow. America has many problems and America tries to change but racism persists. It is not easy to fix. I have studied and taught Race and Ethnic Relations at College and University level since 1994. Racism is a sin problem not a skin problem. You are handling this the right way by being honest and open to being corrected as well as being willing to do what is right in the future. If I know God-fearing Black People, they will embrace you and give you a chance. They gave Governor George Wallace a chance, they will give you one.
    “So I pray for you, I pray that the God of heaven will give you the grace to live through this storm. May He conform you His likeness through these refining fires. May Hope and you not become weak but strong in your love for everyone. My He give you hearts of forgiveness that will forgive everyone who offended you in anyway. May He show you that the pain is not in vain and that you are going through these fire so you could protect others from being plunged into the eternal fires of hell. May He remind you that you are not alone. May He help all of us to see God in every face regardless of race. In Jesus name. Amen.”

    Dr. Wayne C Solomon

  2. God in heaven this is reprehensible. God help us all. Pastor this will be more than one post, I am sure, but let’s begin with this: I appreciate you because you want to dialogue. And let me remind you of this: If a man lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives liberally). Please ask for this now, foy, and for me before I saw another word. (Incidentally, the word “liberally” that word means freely, abundantly, and nothing else; it is definitively not an attacking point for any of whom God Himself would refer to as the very imago dei. Let’s think on that. I’ll make point two after I hear from you.

  3. What is so wrong with her opinion ! Pastor Ron I know church is a business ,are you afraid that you going to lose church members?I You both are from a military families , your wife knew that NFL are not respecting this country . If the NFL so concern ,they need to go to Chicago, Baltimore and go into the communities . There is so much killing on Black on Black crimes . Black people hate their own RACE

      • Aprulbabi, I do have a clue ,young lady . Your statement was so clueless about the pastor wife . Hope has the right to speak her opinion on what is going on with the NFL player . You think you have right to judge ,Hope because she is pastor wife .

    • Church is not a business, but something that transcends all human institutions, and endeavors. Pastor be encouraged. Seeking dialogue, seeking reconciliation, seeking peace are all the very things that God Himself has done in His relationship with mankind. Some say,like father like son. I say, like Father… like you! Stay away from divisiveness. Seek the wisdom of God… continually.

    • Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. In your case Clara Davis, ignorance speaks. Here’sa suggestion: speak truth or silence.

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