Friday, May 7, 2021

EUR Exclusive! On the Scene at the ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Premiere (WATCH)

*The director of “You Got Served,” “Will to Love,” “Only for One Night,” “A Weekend with the Family” and “Boy Bye,” Christopher Stokes, was prompted to tell a story that narrates all dynamics of relationships.

Til Death Do Us Part” features Taye Diggs as Alex, the love interest of Annie Alonzeh. The “All Eyez on Me” actress will portray Madison, the abused wife of Michael, played by Stephen Bishop. The film also starring Malik Yoba.

EURweb’s Reggie Simon, was on the scene of the screening and caught up with some of Hollywood’s favorites as well as cast members of the film.

Many of them shared how amazing the story is and their journey into each role. In fact, Robinne Lee, who has starred in “Deliver Us From Eva,” “Almost 30,” and “House of Payne” say’s she would’ve preferred the “bad girl” role of the movie. However, the good girl part will do.

Robinne Lee, “Til Death Do Us Part”.

“I’m a good girl in this movie. I don’t get to play the bad girl as often as I’d like. So in that way it’s more of a challenge, and because its a challenge I kinda like that. Right now I kinda like that.”

Marques Houston, “Til Death Do Us Part”.

R&B singer/actor Marques Houston also made an appearance on the carpet and was asked by Simon how both Houston and Stokes continue to keep their business chemistry alive.

“I think because we see eye to eye as far as business and whenever you can share a desire for the business, I think that’s always a good partnership.

Stephen Bishop, “Til Death Do Us Part”.

Stephen Bishop on the other hand felt his role as Michael the abuser, was a well needed challenge for his career.

“I read the script and I thought it was a stretch cause I’m used to being the good guy and the love interest; and I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could take on a role that’s completely opposite of who I am as a person.”

Annie Alonzeh, “Til Death Do Us Part”.

What was an interesting fact about lead actress Annie Ilonzeh who plays Madison in the movie, was that she  has faced her own battles with domestic violence and really embraced her role.

“Being in this and being as honest as possible, it’s hard! I just started kinda coming out with the fact that I’ve experienced this too. Thank God it was over a decade ago but re-surfacing those emotions and being honest about them and exposing it to myself…I was able to pull from it for sure.

Obba Babatunde, “Til Death Do Us Part”.

Other influencers such as Claudia Jordan, Byron Scott, and Obba Babatunde showed their support that evening and would like everyone to come out and patronize the film.

“Till Death Do Us Part” is for those survivors of domestic violence, who have been wounded both physically and emotionally. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM).

Overall the movie is an honest thriller depicting a young woman’s effort to escape a violent marriage.

“Till Death Do Us Part” opens in select theaters on Friday, September 29.




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