Saturday, September 24, 2022

NFL Boycott Leaders Call for Meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in Los Angeles

earl ofari hutchinson najee ali & others
LA Civil Rights leaders

*Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Najee Ali, President, Project Islamic Hope, and other civil rights leaders on Wednesday, September 27 called for an urgent meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The meeting will be to press Goodell and NFL owners to sponsor an “Activists Awareness Month.” The NFL would commit to sponsor and support community and civic organizations engaged in a variety of social, educational, and civic improvement projects in minority communities.

The NFL boycott was launched in Los Angeles by the city’s civil rights organizations. They include: Project Islamic Hope, the National Action Network. Southern Christian Leadership Conference, National Council of Negro Women-West, the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, and ministerial groups.

“Goodell and the NFL owners have publicly said they support peaceful, constructive community activism and engagement, “says Ali and Hutchinson, “This is an opportunity for them to put the weight and resources of the league behind activist engagement. The meeting in L.A. would be a major step by the NFL to work in partnership with boycott leaders on the ground in L.A.”




  1. Boycott the NFL. These overpaid UnAmerican Foot Ball Players like Kapernick should all be fired for disrespecting our National Anthem and Flag and then sent to a third world country being that this scum hates our country so much.

  2. Another nail in the NFL coffin . . .

    Former speech: “32 wide-out slant, on three. Break.”

    Soon: “You want fries with that?”

    Biting the hand that feeds you while shooting yourself in the foot is NEVER a good idea, fellas, no matter what the reason . . . you got the good guys AND the bad guys hating you!

    Financially questionable decision-making to say the very least, good sirs.

  3. Damage has been done. Patriotic citizen that love football will not forget what you did. Your fans will drop, your sponsors will drop, your ratings will drop. Start putting in your resume’ or job application now so you wont have a hiccup in the pymts you already make. LOL highly doubt you’ll be making those payments since they are of extravagant nature. Since your paid so damn much. ITS mentally disturbing how much you get paid (players). Good luck (not).

  4. The NFL and players can protest/ voice their opinion if they want. It is their right provided to them in the USA. Every football game has a Half Time. If they truly feel so strongly about this cause, why can’t they devote as much time as they like fixing/discussing the issue during Half Time rather than when America is honoring and paying respect to our country? If that won’t work, there are 24 hours in every day, 7 days in a week. Why must the NFL and protesting players dis-respect America by protesting only during The National Anthem?

  5. Just learned that the American Legion has discontinued all nfl games in their canteens. Hooraah! We Veterans will not tolerate any “un-American” Displays any longer. FOR US IT IS GOODBYE TO fOOTBALL! Send football to Canada. Adios ingrates!

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