Sunday, April 18, 2021

Kevin Hart’s Pregnant Wife ‘Embarrassed’ But Sticking By Her Cheating Husband

Eniko & Kevin (photo via Instagram)

*Kevin Hart’s wife is reportedly embarrassed by the humiliation ritual he’s currently undergoing but she’s said to be sticking with the comedian despite their trust issues.

Let’s recap the drama:

Last month, Hart’s current wife, Eniko Parrish, and his ex-wife, Torrei, engaged in a “who cheated on who” spat on Instagram that resulted in Kevin calling Black women “bitter” for accusing him of being a dirty dog cheater.

Some social media users accessed the drama and were forced to remind Eniko — who was Kevin’s mistress before she became his wife (allegedly) — that once the mistress replaces the wife, someone has to replace the mistress.

Some believe Eniko felt she was exempt from this FACT because she’s LSLH (light skin with long hair), any many black men like to pump up these types of women as being the most worthy of them all.

But karma had other plans… as shortly after Torrei accused Eniko and Kevin of basically living a lie, Hart publicly apologized for cheating on his pregnant wife, and somewhere Torrei and all the so-called “bitter black women” joined hands and released a thunderous laugh that resonated around the world.

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According to PEOPLE, while Kevin and Eniko appear as a united front, a source says Parrish still feels “let down” by Hart.

“She can’t trust him.”

Despite his infidelity, Parrish is still standing by her wedding vows.

“She is adamant about working through it,” adds the source. “She won’t give up on their marriage.”

A second source previously told PEOPLE Hart is “embarrassed” that he got “caught cheating.”

“Kevin’s not doing too well,” said the source. “He’s really embarrassed that all of his personal business is out there for everyone to see.”

Meanwhile, according to The Blast, investigators may have scored a key piece of evidence needed to arrest the suspects behind the plot to extort Hart over a sex tape.

The website reports:

Law enforcement sources have reportedly “received a copy of an online conversation between two individuals who are currently persons of interest in the case.  In the copy, it appears the two are discussing how to extort Kevin to the tune of millions of dollars.”

“The messages obtained by the Blast, start with how to get maximum value out of Hart, with one person writing “if they offer anything under 6 figs i put a clip on my site.  They’ll pay.” ”

“The DM continues, “Let$ get paid!!!!!”  The emoji for money bags is also included.”

“The other person seems to make a reference to editing the tape by saying, “One d finish choppin it up you won’t know what’s what.” ”

“The tape itself is highly edited and produced with audio of Hart’s interviews dubbed over it.”

“Investigators for the Los Angeles County District Attorney will file search warrants to obtain specific information about all online conversations and emails related to the case. If they can prove authenticity, it could be the smoking gun in the case.”



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