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For Leon Sylvers and The Sylvers The Beat Goes On – EUR Exclusive! (Videos)

The Sylvers rehearsing for their (09-21-17) show at The Rose in Pasadena (Photo: A. Scott Galloway)

*Although he’s no longer churning out hits and sitting at the top of the R&B charts like he used to, legendary music producer Leon Sylvers still has a relationship with music that outweighs material success.

He will get the opportunity to relive his glory days when he reunites with his bandmates/family (The Sylvers) during a Roland Bynum produced concert Thursday night (09-21-17) at The Rose in Pasadena, CA.

We haven’t been performing as The Sylvers for 35 years,” Leon, 64, explained during a candid interview with EURweb’s Lee Bailey. “I’ve been producing and writing and watching my kids and grandkids grow up. But now everybody’s more committed now than ever.”

It’s been nearly four decades since the group last performed together, but finally the time has arrived.

“We tried to hook up about 15 years ago and five years before that,” he added, “but everybody has certain things going on and we couldn’t come together completely until now.”

Edmund Sylvers, Leon’s brother, died in 2004, leaving a hole in the group and inside Leon’s heart.

The last time we were all together performing, Edmund was on stage and my mother was in the audience,” Leon recalls. “The concert is dedicated to their memory. We [the group] had an urge to do it. Everybody wants to be part of this special moment.”

leon sylvers1
Leon Sylvers

If you have a love for music then you probably have a special place in your heart for the soulful sounds of the 1970s, or as many would call it – the golden era of music.

This decade produced some of the most memorable dance grooves and love ballads ever, including unforgettable tunes written and composed by Sylvers.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Sylvers put his thumbprint on music as a singer, record producer and multi-instrumentalist.

He was also a member of the family group, The Sylvers, and became one of the most influential music-makers through his association with Dick Griffey’s SOLAR Records.

In addition to his success as a performer, Sylvers used his creative genius to produce classic songs for a number of iconic music groups, including the Jackson 5, the Whispers, Dynasty, and Shalamar.

In 1970, Leon entered the family act, which included younger brothers Edmund and Ricky, into a local talent contest. They won that talent contest hands down due to their versatility, choreography, and harmonies. The impresario Mike Curb signed them to MGM Records in 1971 and marketed them as The Sylvers.

Leon wrote his first hit single “Wish That I Could Talk to You,” which was on the family’s debut album called The Sylvers.

He also penned his brother Foster Sylvers’ Top 10 US R&B chart single “Misdemeanor” which was a hit during summer of 1973.

For the next several albums, Leon would continue writing songs on his family’s albums which included 1977’s Top 10 US R&B chart single “High School Dance.”

And of course, there’s their other classic dance jam from 1976, “Boogie Fever”:

In 1978 Leon produced The Sylvers most critically acclaimed album, Forever Yours.

By mid 1978, Leon left the group to become the in-house producer for Dick Griffey’s SOLAR Records. Sylvers started his major production career with the band Lakeside on their album “Shot of Love” which was Top 10 on Billboard’s Top R&B Albums.

This would also be the year that Leon’s association with Shalamar would begin, starting with the Disco Gardens album which included the disco classic “Take That to the Bank.” 1979 would become an even bigger year.

Shalamar’s next album Big Fun was an even bigger smash landing at #4 on Billboard’s Top R&B Albums charts and was certified gold.

The first single, “The Second Time Around“, was a hit record number one on both the US R&B charts and number eight on the US Top 40|Top 10.

Leon also co-produced Lakeside‘s Rough Riders album. That same year he created the group Dynasty along with Dick Griffey.

“We going to do a solar tribute in the middle of the concert,” Slyvers divulged. “It’s going to be a medley of three songs: ‘And The Beat Goes On’ [The Whispers], ‘A Night to Remember’ [Shalamar], and ‘It’s a Love Thing’ [The Whispers].”

These days, Slyvers is channeling his energy into creating and promoting a brand new project. “The album is called “The Sylvers: No Compromise,” he explained proudly. “We’ve been doing that for the last year or two around everybody’s work schedule. Everything is falling into place. It’s a good feeling.”

If you’re in the Southern California area Thursday night (09-21-17), you might wanna come and check out what Leon Sylvers and the Sylvers will be cookin’ at their concert/show in Pasadena at The Rose, 245 E Green St (in the Paseo Colorado Mall) across from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Call 888-645-5006 for more info or visit: http://wheremusicmeetsthesoul.com/





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