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Melissa Meeks: The ‘Hot Felon’s’ Wife Speaks About Betrayal; Gets Makeover for Her Confidence (WATCH)

New York, NY  – Dubbed the “Hot Felon” for his good looks, Jeremy Meeks became an internet sensation after his mugshot was released when he was arrested for possession of a firearm.

Jeremy’s wife, Melissa Meeks, stood by her husband during his prison sentence. When he was released from prison in 2016, she was eager to have him home. Soon after, Jeremy was jet-setting around the world on modeling assignments, and photos started appearing of him cavorting on yachts with Chloe Green, the daughter of a British retail billionaire.

Now, in a television exclusive with INSIDE EDITION, Melissa Meeks talks about her humiliation when those photos emerged. “I was in shock. I didn’t know what to think. I was hoping it wasn’t true,” she says.

Melissa tells INSIDE EDITION her sense of betrayal shook her to her core. She breaks down in tears as she says, “It wasn’t an easy pill to swallow.”

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Jeremy filed for separation nine days after the photos were published. Melissa, a nurse who shares three children with Jeremy, has hired famed attorney Lisa Bloom to represent her. “I am very proud to represent Melissa,” Bloom says. “She’s a real class act. This is a woman who worked very hard behind the scenes, supporting her family, standing by him during his incarceration and even afterwards.”

Melissa goes on to tell INSIDE EDITION. “I believed in him. I believed in us. I truly thought this would have a happy ending. It didn’t have a happy ending for me.”

To hear more from Melissa about how she felt betrayed and humiliated by her husband Jeremy Meeks, tune in on Thursday, September 14th.

Tune in on Friday, September 15th, as Melissa undergoes a dramatic makeover to boost her confidence.

For INSIDE EDITION’s full two-part report, tune in on Thursday, September 14th and Friday, September 15th. For stations and times in your area, check local listings at www.insideedition.com.

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  1. I too know the pain of a man leaving after you stand by them during a prison term. My man drop me like a hot rock when he got out. He beat me, stole my money, and insulted me in front of my co-workers.

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