Saturday, June 25, 2022

It Was All a Dream: Watch Lil’ Kim’s Deceased ‘Soulmate’ Come Through on ‘Hollywood Medium’

Lil' Kim and Tyler Henry on "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" - E!
Lil’ Kim and Tyler Henry on “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry” – E!

*Lil’ Kim and her soulmate from another dimension make appearances on Wednesday’s season finale of “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.”

Henry tapped into a connection to someone from the rapper’s past who holds a very special place in her heart.

“The man that is popping in that I have to acknowledge, the feeling is that life gets cut too short,” Tyler reveals. “Or like someone passes away before their time and when he comes through he acknowledges a reference to music.”

“He’s showing a legacy being continued on and then he is having me reference to a dedication, but in a musical sense,” Tyler shares “Now the interesting thing is he acknowledges this hasn’t been done yet. He feels like he’s involved in it.”

Without saying the name of Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Kim told Tyler of her former mentor and lover, “It’s amazing because right now I’m working on music for him but he’s on the record. It’s a beautiful connection and it’s all for the love of him.”

“There is an acknowledgement in the way this comes through of him basically bringing up this fact of saying soulmate, soulmate, soulmate,” Tyler explains. “And he’s very instinct, like automatic insistent very, very…it’s like coming through so strongly. It’s like soulmate, soulmate, soulmate.”

Woah. “Soulmate. You mean like me with…?” Lil’ Kim asked stunned.

“That’s what I’m getting at. I’m trying to figure this out,” Tyler explains.

“My hands are sweating. That’s crazy,” she says.

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