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Tyrese’s Wife Wants You To Know: ‘I Was Successful Before I Married Him’

samantha gibson

*Tyrese’s wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, has taken to social media to stress the importance of women having their own before settling with a man.

As you know, Tyrese, who has nine-year-old daughter Shayla with ex-wife Norma, secretly wed Samantha on Valentine’s Day, and he initially kept her identity a secret.

Once he did confirm her name to the press, he found a way to bash black women in the process… because apparently it’s our fault that he couldn’t secure an “educated” bi-racial woman until he met his current wife.

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Meanwhile, Samantha’s latest post on social media touches on her humble beginnings, life before becoming Mrs. Tyrese Gibson and the hardships that she had faced while pursuing her education.

She writes:

There’s people who treat me like I’ve made it because of the man that happen to be married to. NO!!!! I considered myself successful before I even gave him the time of day! I worked my behind off in high school, achieved high grades, worked multiple jobs and helped my momma clean homes and have a daycare service to make ends meet. I went to a great college, worked multiple jobs throughout school, dealt with abusive, heartbreaking relationships and friendships, serious family problems, economic hardships, homelessness, debilitating health problems, and I still managed to graduate on time, cum laude at UGA with my Bachelors of Science. I had several jobs upon graduating, which became a habit of mine, had a place with roommates, and did very well saving up enough money to go back to school to get my masters. Battled homeless again, exhaustion, emotional hardships Worked at some of the most difficult places in social work, and maintained a 3.98 GPA while hustling on the side as a bartender. I graduated, worked as cleaning woman, a bartender and at a DV / trafficking site while studying for my licensure upon graduating with my masters. I got my licensure and waited on God for my perfect job working within the school system. AND maintained my bartending job for some extra income.

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