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Usher STD Accuser Posted ‘I Need Some Money’ Weeks Before Suing; Concert Footage Surfaces

Quantasia Sharpton (R) with her attorney Lisa Bloom in NYC (Aug 7, 2017)
Quantasia Sharpton (R) with her attorney Lisa Bloom in NYC (Aug 7, 2017)

*Usher’s accuser Quantasia Sharpton hit up Facebook complaining about how broke she was exactly one week before filing her STD lawsuit against the singer, reports TMZ.

Quantasia, also known as Angel Valentino on social media, said last week, “I need some money.” The Facebook post came exactly one week before her news conference Monday (Aug 7) with celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, announcing the lawsuit against Usher.

Also, on the morning of July 31st she wrote, “Enjoying my last couple of hours as a regular girl,” suggesting she knew that her allegations against Usher would put her in the media spotlight.

Explaining the reason for using aliases online, Quantasia said, “I go by Angel cause my name is clearly ghetto and hard to pronounce.”

Meanwhile, footage of a woman dancing and simulating sex with Usher on stage has surfaced, with a Twitter user claiming without proof that the woman is Sharpton on the night in question. There has been zero conformation from either party on the video.

In her press conference Monday morning, Sharpton said she had sex with Usher on her 19th birthday, after his security pulled her out of his concert crowd for an onstage dance.

The online footage shows a young woman grinding on Ursh after being pulled on stage.

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  1. I know the challenge of money. My mother threw me out of her house on Easter Sunday and rebuked me in front of the whole church because my alternative life. I was forced to live with a bald man that was in his 40’s. People do disparate things for money. All I remember during that time was red lipstick, Boones Farm and Donna Sumer music.


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