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Michael Irvin’s Accuser Did Cocaine and MDMA Before Alleged Rape

accused of rape

*The Broward County (Fla.) State Attorney’s Office has officially closed its sexual assault investigation into former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin and isn’t pursuing charges, Sports Day reports.

51-year-old Irvin was investigated on allegations of drugging and raping a 27-year-old longtime female friend, but he adamantly denied her claims. He was never arrested and after a months-long review of the case, prosecutors declined to press charges against him “because of inconsistent statements by the alleged victim and a lack of evidence.”

Despite the woman initially telling law officials that she did not take drugs prior to the attack, she later tested positive for several drugs in her system after the alleged incident, including cocaine and ecstasy, according to prosecutors.

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accused of rape

The toxicology report shows the presence of amphetamine, MDMA, cocaine and alcohol in her blood. The woman later admitted to investigators that she took a “small amount” of Xanax and ecstasy on the weekend she met up with Irvin. Officials couldn’t prove that it was Irvin who provided her with any any of the drugs.

Investigators also found video of the woman partying and dirty dancing with Irvin earlier in the evening (on the night of the alleged attack) near his hotel room.

Officials say the woman underwent a vaginal swab after the alleged incident but there was no trace of Irvin’s DNA.

Ultimately, the prosecutors decided to not press charges, stating:

“The victim’s inability to recall details, the inconsistent statements, her alcohol and drug use, coupled with the video evidence showing her voluntarily entering the hotel with the defendant and 2-and-a-half hours later exiting the hotel elevator with the defendant while not appearing upset, make this a case where there is not a reasonable likelihood of conviction.”



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