Saturday, June 25, 2022

Marlon Wayans Flames Michael Vick Over Kaepernick Comments: ‘You Had Damn Cornrows’

Marlon Wayans (TMZ)
Marlon Wayans (TMZ)

*TMZ’s paps caught Marlon Wayans in the streets and asked him to weigh in on the Michael Vick/Colin Kaepernick/Afro controversy.

As previously reported, Vick said in an interview that Kaepernick’s continued NFL unemployment is not due to his National Anthem protests. He’s still unemployed, Vick believes, because his play on the field has diminished and his afro and cornrows need to be done away with…in favor of a “clean cut.”

An incredulous Wayans told TMZ: “Aw, Mike Vick! You had damn cornrows! What the hell!”

The comedian, whose new NBC series “Marlon” premieres on Aug. 16, is in agreement with Vick that Kaep’s play on the field is the reason teams are steering clear of the quarterback.

“You can’t kneel AND throw interceptions!” Wayans says. “You ain’t gonna score? You ain’t gonna have them yards? You better stand up and pledge allegiance, sir!”

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  1. lol love Marlon, he speaks the truth, it dont matter what you look like, if you can perform, but if you dont performing and you causing trouble you out, that being said, Kaepernick dont know when to shut up, no one wants to sign him because of his social media protest, even know he is tweeting protest, just this 4th of July he did a anti American tweet saying dont celebrate the birth of a slave country, and about how his people should go “home” and learn their heritage, like he did and posted pictures of his trip to Africa to learn his roots where he took pictures of slave compounds and posted the pictures with caption “home”.

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