Friday, July 1, 2022

New Artist Melody Does a ‘New Thing’ – WATCH/LISTEN

Christian/Soul artist Melody releases new album. Available at

*Her name is Melody.  Her praises run deep and her aspirations aim high.  She wants to reach the world with her message of God’s love and Christ’s redemption.

Out of the West Angeles Church of God In Christ praise and worship team springs forth another songstress on a spirited filled mission.  Melody proudly announces the release of her new solo project titled New Thing.”

Each song holds a special place in her heart, because according to Melody: “They reflect on her walk with Christ and inspiration given by conversations with others.”

“New Thing” is composed by Melody, with production by Eric King & Eric Walls.  The compilation was written to encourage listeners to look forward to what God has yet to bring into their lives, while leaving the past behind.

Khari Rhynes, David Daughtry, Jimmy & Michael Neuble round out the musical talents featured on “New Thing.” Melody’s original songs are rich in scriptural references such as Isaiah 43:19, James 4:10 and John 3:19.

Songs like “His Love,” “Holding On To You,” “More Than Words” and “Lift Me Up” are just a few of the inspired tunes that Melody has crafted to fill you with the blessed confirmation that God is love, Jesus is alive and that there is hope.

“Over the years I have had many opportunities to accompany very talented and well- known individuals vocally and through writing. For those times in my life, I am grateful.  However, there is nothing more important than this moment.”

This is Melody’s heart felt testament.  Her prayer is that someone will be blessed, lifted, encouraged and motivated to do more for Christ through these songs, available now on iTunes. Follow Melody on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram and YouTube. Visit her website for more info/music at

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