Thursday, January 27, 2022

Black Family Told to Mow Their Lawn Because ‘This Isn’t The Ghetto’ (Watch)

Sullivan Family - Fishers, Indiana (Fox59)
Sullivan Family – Fishers, Indiana (Fox59)

*A black family in Fishers, Indiana received a letter from some anonymous neighbors requesting they take better care of their lawn…because they were not living in a “ghetto.”

The folded up note, which turned up in the mailbox of Chris Sullivan on Wednesday (July 5), stated, “This isn’t the ghetto and your home looks trashy.” It also told him to mow the lawn and get rid of the weeds.

“If you can’t take care of your property than[SIC] maybe you should think about moving into an apartment,” the letter stated.

Read the entire letter below:

“(I) opened it started reading the first few lines and checked to see if anybody was watching and I finished it and was just like here we go,” Sullivan told Fox59. “The biggest thing is just disheartening.”

Sullivan moved to Fishers several months ago from California. The Indiana native felt it was time for him, his wife and two kids to be closer to family. He believes the neighbors targeted him because he was black.

“Sucks that it happened to me, sucks that it happens to anybody in 2017,” the father of two said

Several neighbors who didn’t want to be identified told FOX59 that the subdivision is strict about cutting your grass and they didn’t see the letter as racist. The letter was signed “the neighborhood Britton Ridge association,” but Sullivan is confident the homeowner’s association isn’t responsible for it.

“There’s not a lot of bad apples, there are probably just one or two,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan wants the sender of the letter to know that they could’ve been more civil.

“We are not moving and if you had enough courage you would just say hello and ask me to trim my tree down. I’m human, I eat, breathe, sleep just like you do.”

Since getting the letter, Sullivan is planning to install security cameras around his home as a precaution. He is also now reconsidering if he will send his 6-year-old son to school in the area.

Watch the report below:



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