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Urban Movie Channel (UMC) Discusses Hollywood, LGBT & The Future TODAY

Huff Post contributor Jarrett Hill reports on government, race relations and LGBT issues. Hill hosts a special FB Live chat for the UMC on 7/7/2017 Photo from

*Friday, July 7, 2017 at 12 Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern, the Urban Movie Channel sits down with award-winning filmmakers & creatives for a #FBLive discussion on The Future of #LGBTQ Film making in the wake of #Moonlight’s historic #Oscar win.

Not only did Moonlight win the Academy Award’s Best Picture honor earlier this year, it was an upset, stunning the crowd and defeating big budget, star studded contenders like La La Land (Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling), Fences (Denzel Washington, Viola Davis), Manchester By The Sea (Matt Damon) or Hidden Figures (Teraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer).

2017’s Best Picture “Moonlight” starring Ashton Sanders as Chiron.

In total Moonlight nabbed three awards, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay (written by director Barry Jenkins) and Best Supporting Actor for Mahershala Ali.

This type of success is anything but old news in Hollywood, in fact it could signal a permanent turning point as far as mainstream motion pictures are concerned.

The Moonlight story is by Tarell Alvin McCraney.  It’s the classic coming of age tale of a shy young man, who endures adversity, explores his sexuality and seeks acceptance from his family & friends, while learning to accept and to love himself.  The Urban Movie Channel (UMC) is taking on the question of what Moonlight’s success means for the creative community and the LGBTQ community as well.

Hosted by Jarrett Hill, the Facebook Live Chat will feature Patrick Ian Polk, Yoruba Richen, Rodney Evans, Quincy & Deondre Gossfield, and Tajamika Paxton.

Remember, Jarrett was the reporter who broke with the evidence that Melania Trump’s 2016 RNC speech had borrowed generously from Michelle Obama’s original address to the DNC in 2008.

With Mr. Hill at the mic and a hot topic at bay, UMC’s FB Live chat is gonna be worth tuning in Friday, 7/7 at 12 Noon PST, 3PM EASTERN:

7/7/2017 Urban Movie Channel sits down with award-winning filmmakers & creatives for a #FBLive discussion on The Future of #LGBTQ Filmmaking in the wake of #Moonlight’s historic #Oscar win.
Tune in Friday, 7/7 at 12 Noon PST:

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