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Black Confederate Flag Defender (Karen Cooper) Believes Slavery was a ‘Choice’ (WATCH)

*Ask Karen Cooper what the Confederate flag stands for and you may do a double take.

Contrary to what many black people think, Cooper sees the flag in an entirely different light than the one where it is viewed as well-known symbol of racism and oppression.

“I actually think that it represents freedom,” Cooper, a passionate black tea party supporter shared in a video interview that’s been getting exposure online. “It represents a people who stood up to tyranny.”

According to The Washington Post, Cooper is a member of the Virginia Flaggers, an activist group that rejects the idea that the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and hate.

The video of Cooper is part of “Battle Flag,” a film billed as “an ongoing documentary about the place and meaning of the Confederate battle flag, 150 years after the Civil War.”


As a member of the Flaggers, Cooper’s views on the flag is one and the same as she publicly displays the Confederate flag with feelings of pride and reverence. For critics of the flag, Cooper points out that she wouldn’t be accepted as a member of a group primarily made up of white Southerners  if the flag was a racist symbol.

“I’m not advocating slavery or think that, you know, it was right. It wasn’t, and none of my friends think it was. It was just something that happened. It didn’t just happen in the South, it happened worldwide,” she said in the video while adding that slavery is “a choice.”

“I say that because of what Patrick Henry said: ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’ To me, if we had went back to that kind of slavery, no I couldn’t do it. Give me death.”

The emergence of the “Battle Flag” documentary and Cooper’s support of the flag comes amid widespread calls for the flag to be removed from the state Capital in South Carolina that have dominated news since the tragic shooting of nine worshippers at Emmanuel AME Church last month.

Despite the outcry, The Post cited a 2014 Winthrop University poll that illustrated mixed feelings on the flag among blacks in South Carolina. According to the poll, 61 percent of black South Carolina residents said the flag should no longer fly on the state house grounds. Countering that a surprising 27 percent of black South Carolinians that say the flag should stay.

karen cooper - confederate-flag

Despite understanding the hate the Confederate flag has generated among people, Byron Thomas counts himself among the flag’s defenders.

In an op-ed he wrote last week for the Post, the African American University of South Carolina student mentioned that the flag was stolen by hate groups, which resulted in its banishment from many public settings. For Thomas taking down the flag would be the same as letting the racists win.

“I’m entitled to my beliefs and how I choose to use a symbol,” he argued. “My Confederate flag isn’t racist; after all, I am black. I’m also an American who strongly believes in the constitutional right to free speech.”

For more of the Washington Post’s story on Karen Cooper and other black Confederate flag defenders, click here.

To see Cooper’s “Battle Flag” appearance, check out the video at the top of the story.

Editor’s note: This story was previously published on July 2, 2015




  1. Look, if you dig deep enough into the woodpile, you’re find a fool. I would never forget seeing a clip of a black man in the South, during the 50-60’s, who denounced Dr. King and said that he needed to know his place and stay in it. Unbelievable, but it taught me that there was self-hatred and that some people have a need to cling to the oppressor in order to have self-worth.

  2. She looks like a new fool, and you’d better believe those good ol boy’s are getting a kick out of using her clueless ass as a prop. Maybe she is trying to g st a gig at faux news.

    • Seems she wants attention, approval from racist whites or wants to garner enough attention to get on that Fake uh Fox Cable News Propagandist white supremacist network. Smh

  3. Regrettably, the stain of racism runs so deep in the fiber of America’s history, so much so, its toxic web was purposely design to unenpower people of color, as well as, brainwash many to a state of self-hate which breeds ignorance that is based on untruths! Therefore, keeping some people-of-color oppressed and clueless even in the 21st Century. It is not a surprise to see the confussed and LOSSED as illustrated in the above story who decide to be an agitator and supporter, as well as, a mindless puppet for the ideologies of racist propaganda and negative symbols such as the confederate flag even at the cost of losing their soul, heart and minds to the devil and racists mayhem of toxic white supremacy. Karen Cooper, SHAME on you for standing before the world and dishonoring your African-American ancestors who died so you could have the opportunity to have freedom of speech; NOT use your freedoms on behalf of the those racists oppressors who wrongfully enslaved, brutalized, terrorize, denigrated, segregated, and murdered thousands of innocent souls for greed and profit. Lastly, to even utter the words: “I actually think that it (confederate flag) represents freedom” Cooper, a passionate black tea party supporter…. GIRL, you need prayer!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

  4. I recognize people have a right to their opinion, but how can anyone deny that the Civil War was about slavery. Many historian revisionist make the claim that the Civil War was actually about economics not slavery… which in part is true! However what they’d like you to gloss over is the fact that slavery was the catalyst for their economics gains and lifestyle. Therefore with that said Ms. Cooper, let me give you just one more fact… Slavery wasn’t a choice for those who were subjected to it, it was a reality!!! And then you compare Patrick Henry to a slave?!?!?! Really!!!!! A full blown, straight-up white man, with rights and a voice to a slave who couldn’t even control what happened to their own bodies. I pray for you, because you are lost on so many levels.

  5. Her story is interesting and reflective of our history. And yes, there were also blacks that fought on the side of the confederates (for what ever reasons). This is more proof the the whole historical teaching of the confederacy should only be in our history books and museums. Not flying on our public and national structures in 2015. I do agree to keep them on any personal location because that is a freedom of expression issue. I you want to wear a confederate shirt, go on with your bad self.

  6. Aww, bless her clueless heart. Po’ thang doesn’t have any idea what she’s doing. But of course, she IS free to do it. It’s a good thing Jim Jones is dead or this clueless woman would be at the front of the line wanting two large cups of Kool-Aid.

  7. Slavery was a choice ??? Sure, it was !!!! Especially if you were chained in the bottom of a ship, taken away from your country, could literally hear your Mother screaming your name from the shore, unless they got her too. Then bring you to a foreign place, march you up like cattle, sell you, take your kids and sell them to someone else, you never see them again, (yea THAT surely was a choice), and watching some slave Master beat the hell out of our men, in front of everyone to put the fear of God in them, while they raped and impregnated young, innocent girls, sure, that was a choice !!!! My choice is to ignore a dingbat like you ! God Bless every slave that ran away ! That dreamed of freedom, that prayed for those of us that would be born someday. God Bless all of those who fought for our freedom and rights down through the generations. May I never forget their sacrifice. It is very sad to get a few opportunities, and then forget. Shame on you !!!!! May God have Mercy on your soul !

    • Yall know I gots to update my comment. (got ma’hand on my hip, rollin’ my neck with 1 finger up). I would push her and slap her to give her some sense. We ain’t got NO slave choice!!! That why we still slaves today!!!! We have the worst jobs and neighborhood. I haven’t had a raise in 2 1/2 years.!!!! We got to do better FAM.!!!
      twiter me @Taurusingr

  8. Pastor Ranches L Hall Does People Really Know What The Confederate Flag Is Really About, We Need a Real Serious History Class …About What Went On Between The Union and The Confederate The Confederate Flag Is Not Something That Anyone Should Be Proud Of, When You Know Real History, There No Honor In That Flag, Its Something That This Nation Should Be Ashame Of For All The Pain and Heartache Caused It a People, All The Sufffering It Caused Thousands Of Slaves and Family, Selling Them Like Animals and Tools, Yes Bring All Them Darn Confererate Flags Down Why Would You Want To Honor Such a Flag That Cause So Much Darn Pain and Heartache In The Lives Of So Many

  9. Have all of you people forgotten that George Washington had slaves???? Thats right!! The US flag flew over the USA while your founding president ordered his slaves around. The Civil War was not ALL ABout Slavery. It was about the Northern states wanting to change laws that the southern states did not agree with. Slavery just happen to be one of them. The Confederate Flag was more about a people willing to stand up and fight to defend their rights and way of life. Which is something that the Current Citizens no longer do under the US Flag. They allow the Government to continue to chock and enslave the people. I would rather stand under a flag that is willing to fight for its rights than stand under a flag the expects us to enslaved and obey without question. Look further into your history. Not everyone that fought to defend the south owned slaves. They fought to defend their freedoms from an oppressive Northern Government.

    • BIlly,

      The Confederacy started the war by attacking Fort Sumter. They were angry that Lincoln was elected because Lincoln was going to end slavery. Putting an end to slavery is the “tyranny” the South was so angry about. The Southern states wanted to expand slavery to the west and also to take over Mexico and other countries in the Caribbean for the purpose of expanding slavery there as well. After slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK were created for the purpose of keeping blacks at the very lowest position in society as they were in slavery. This flag was raised again prominently during the civil rights movement as a sign of hostility to blacks having the right to vote or do anything to rise from their positions at the bottom of society. Skinheads in Europe fly the Dixie flag because it is actually illegal to fly the swastika there. I have a hard time believing people in the South do not know any of this, and understanding why if you are not racists you get angry whenever confronted with facts like these.

  10. The history of the flag will never go away. It won’t right the wrongs we can’t just remove the flag and ignore the history behind it. In white America world this is their way of erasing the racism this is our 40 acres and a mull to them. It will keep black quiet and look like we are trying all this is a illusion White American should have added the Indians to the ban, Ban all Indian symbols that are offensive. But you know why they won’t do it? Because they won’t lose that much revenue by banning the flag but ban the Indian symbols that is a huge dent in revenue. Think about the things that are racist to Indians and they have to be removed. Write down the colleges, the Redskins too much money to lose. White America remembers what they did to the Indians they are not about to become the minority. The Indians welcomed the white man and look at what happened It was stolen from the Indians and all that you see today started with the Indians. So if you ban the flag the same should happen to Indian symbols.

  11. Cooper’s comments are a sad example of an ignorant person being a follower and not a leader. She needs to take her sorry butt back to school and truly learn her history instead of reciting idiotic rhetoric about the confederate flag and “small government.” Child please!!!

    • Much love? Are you giving love to a woman who waves a Confederate flag which was nothing but the symbol of kidnap, torture, rape known as SLAVERY and a Civil War that resulted because the South wanted to keep that sick way of life that killed thousands? That is sick and love has nothing to do with that or the sick folks who worship the memory of that.

      • I was saying “You go girl.” Because she is standing up to what she believes in. I do not like the Flag at all. Yet I will never try to force anyone to not be able to speak what they want or believe in what they want. Taking away anyone’s freedom to speak or believe in what they choose is wrong. She is free to speak her mind just like you and everyone else.

  12. Karen seems to want attention so bad she could disgrace the memory of her ancestors with a flag that represents glorying in a Flag symbolic of the days when blacks were treated like dogs and not humans. Does Karen not realize her ancestors were treated worst than a beloved house pet, kidnapped forced into rape to breed like animals for the production of free labor and the Cotton Trade? Does she want to go back to the days blacks could be hanged from trees like strange fruit and had no rights? I wish we could send her back there.

    What is a disgrace to her race……. the human race.SMH.

    • Correction: Meant to say What a Disgrace to her race… .the human race. The word is was not supposed to be in there. \
      The Karen types only prove the length some people go to for attention even if it is negative and toxic. Smh


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