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EURweb Speaks with ‘The Most Interesting Man in The World’ (LISTEN)

*Yes he was lucky, but Jonathan Goldsmith has a few more words to describe his amazing life and the philosophies that led to him begin known as “The Most Interesting Man In The World.”

His face and impeccable style are now synonymous with Dos Equis, a beer company founded by Wilhelm Hasse, a German immigrant who arrived in Veracruz, Mexico in 1890, fully inspired by Moctezuma- historic leader of the Aztecs.

The brand imported to the U. S. in 1983, and by 2009 it was reportedly the nation’s fastest growing imported beer.  In 2006, Jonathan Goldsmith landed a golden opportunity to represent the brand as The Most Interesting Man In The World.

Goldsmith shared the story of how his agent (and now wife) defied the advertising agency that was skeptical of Jonathan’s age at the time that he was being considered for the role that would change his life.  “How can the most interesting man in the world be too old?”

Dutton Books releases memoir by Jonathan Goldsmith “Stay Interesting.” June 2017

Barbara Goldsmith declared, and with that history was made!  Goldsmith enjoyed thirteen years of being the face of Dos Equis, with numerous residual benefits.  Jonathan Goldsmith’s memoirs are now available in the new book “Stay Interesting,” published by Dutton.

Mr. Goldsmith addressed a standing room only crowd at The Last Bookstore, downtown L. A.’s eclectic vintage spot for rare books & music. He read from the book sharing stories of career brushes with Dustin Hoffman, lessons from his father, experiencing a mid life financial crisis and then scoring the ultimate rebound.

President Barack Obama and Jonathan Goldsmith
The Most Interesting Man in the World recalls prized moments with Pres. Obama in his new book “Stay Interesting.” Photo by Pete Souza

With much charm and wit, Goldsmith informed the crowd of some his most cherished moments as The Most Interesting Man In The World and at the top of the list was his time spent with President Barack Obama.  Mr. Goldsmith and the nation’s beloved 44th president shared company at Camp David and also at the White House.

Goldsmith’s new book reveals the gift he received from Obama and why it is among his most prized possessions.  When asked what the Most Interesting Man In The World would say to the nation’s 45th president, he quipped with class & candor; “I’d say how much I miss the 44th.”

Whether cradling a strong brew, a potent cigar or a cozy armchair “Stay Interesting” is an engaging fireside chat with a sage, an elocutionist and a commercial icon.  In his own words:

“I don’t always tell stories about my life, but when I do, they’re true and amazing.”

As of 2016 Dos Equis has a new spokesman for their brand, but Jonathan Goldsmith is forever etched as “The Most Interesting Man In The World.”


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