Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Late Bishop Eddie Long Hit w/ Tax Lien! – Ready for A Carmelo Anthony Reality Show?

Bishop Eddie Long loses weight

*Bishop Eddie Long may be gone, but his debt with the IRS lives on. In fact, his estate has been hit with a lien from the Treasury Department’s Small Business/Self-Employed unit for some $335,000 in back taxes.

Long died of cancer six months ago and was survived by his wife and children. However the government filed the lien May 9 for income he made in 2015. In total, the IRS wants $335,216.34 from Long’s estate. It’s easy to conclude that Long must have been bringing in a lot of money almost right up until his death.

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In other news, Carmelo Anthony is reportedly pitching a reality show about his work as a political activist. So far, he’s pitched to HBO and other cable networks, according to sources.

In case you didn’t know, Anthony, an outspoken supporter of Black Lives Matter issues, hosted a town hall meeting on police brutality in South Los Angeles last July.

Page Six points out that the perennial All-Star has a no-trade contract with the Knicks and seems intent on staying, even though Knicks president Phil Jackson has said he’d “be better off somewhere else” and “We’ve not been able to win with him on the court.”

Sources said Anthony pitched the show to HBO and other cable networks.

“We take dozens of meetings every year from folks with programming ideas. I cannot say if it’s moving forward or say it’s stalled. We had a meeting. Nothing else,” a cable exec told Page Six’s Richard Johnson




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