Thursday, September 29, 2022

MC Lyte, Miss Diddy, Sevyn Streeter & More Pay their Respect to Notorious B.I.G. at ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards

*It was a night of celebration at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers’(ASCAP) 30th annual Rhythm and Soul Awards honoring two music icons, the late Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace and production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

The event was held at the glamorous Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Thursday (06-22-17) where a number of celebrities attended the ceremony to show their respect for the two legends and to share why Biggie’s music will continue to live forever.

Miss Diddy brand manager, entrepreneur, promoter and host stopped by EUR to share how Biggie’s music not only inspired the culture but transcended worldwide.

“You know what it is…music is a feeling and you can not put time-frame and amount of music or anything on a feeling that you give someone,” Miss Diddy said. “And I think he was so for his city, so for his coast and was such a great person that that’s a feeling that never goes away.” And that’s something that you honor in this business and this culture when someone represents something more than just themselves, and I think he showcase that in one of the greatest lights. He was young but he made you feel confident about things, he had a vibe about him you know… and you know and it’s just.. you could not listen to his tone his voice… and not feel something.”

Miss Diddy and EUR associate Jay Styles

Sevyn Streeter who was a presenter at the ceremony walk the red carpet with her mother and talked about Biggie’s authenticity resonating with people.

“He was a true poet and he wrote his own shit…and it really came from his life and his experiences and what he saw growing up and what he went through and that type of authenticity, it resonates with people,” Streeter said. “You want something you can relate to and it’s never going to be somebody that’s not in the hood, there’s never going to be somebody that doesn’t feel like people are looking at them like they don’t look a certain type of way [so] those things are always going to his music will forever live on.

Just as the celebrities made their way to the ceremony and media begin to pack up their equipment we were surprised with a special delayed appearance from MC Lyte who stopped to talk with us on the time she was in the studio with Diddy when he got the phone call that Biggie broke his leg in a car accident.

Legendary producer and songwriter Jimmy Jam also spoke with us on artist that inspires him and future artist he’ll like to work with.

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