Monday, April 19, 2021

LeBron James: Weird, Freaky Video of Him Working Out Goes Viral [WATCH]

lebron james - working out

A video of LeBron James working out doing some kind of strange exercise in the gym by balancing on his knees on a large ball and holding something in his hand that looks and acts like a quivering bow or something.

But it’s the way he’s doing it and especially the way he looks at the camera every now and-then that’s freaking folks out.

Watch below and let us know what you think.

And while you’re thinking about the video, check out these “interesting” reactions via social media:

Say what you want, but this is hardcore discipline. What he is doing is NOT easy. I would’ve fapped myself in the head with that thing the first shake and rolled off that ball. lol

This looks weird.

Lawd!!! I just want to eat my fruit loops off his stomach. I love a man who works out!

AT least he shaves under his arms. I’d like to see him doing some pushups, personally……

To each his own, but I prefer my man to have body hair . It’s what separates the men from the boys.

The day that my husband shaves his pits is the day that I’m going to be making him an appointment with a psychiatrist.

I know. I like “man stank”. Taint nothing like the stank of a man after playing a game or basketball, of fixing your car on 85 degree weather. I would call myself weird, but I KNOW why I like it. It’s the pheromones.

LeBron is looking extra sweet on that picture.He may as well get some ballerina slippers…I’ve noticed that he loves attention too.

Child you just now noticed that he likes attention. He’s always been that way. He is very arrogant to me but in a sarcastic way. So annoying.

Even with all of his money, access, etc he just can’t ever pull off sex appeal. He just IS….???




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