Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Anonymous Cosby Juror Says Two Holdouts Caused Deadlock; One Punched a Wall

*A juror in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial says that 10 of the 12 jurors voted to convict the comedian, while the two holdouts felt he was innocent and refused to budge throughout the deliberations, according to ABC News. The case ended in a mistrial when the jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision.

Of the three counts against Cosby, the jury was 10 to 2 that Cosby was guilty on both digitally penetrating accuser Andrea Constand and that the assault occurred after he drugged Constand without her knowledge, and 10 to 2 to acquit that she was unconscious or unaware during the incident, according to the juror.

The juror said the two holdouts against finding Cosby guilty were “not moving, no matter what.”

The juror went on to say that the number of other women accusing Cosby did not factor into the deliberations of this case. “We never brought anything outside in,” the juror said. “Never. Not once. If somebody would mention something, we would cut them off.”

In the jury’s first, non-binding poll, the vote was unanimous for not guilty on all three counts against Cosby, the juror revealed. However, after over 50 hours of deliberations, a unanimous decision could not be reached on any of the three counts.

After the first deadlock “there was no budging and there was none from there on out,” said the juror. The juror refused to divulge how any other jurors voted, but did say tensions ran high in the room. One male juror even punched a concrete wall in the jury room, according to the juror. “I think he broke his pinky knuckle,” the juror said.

“If we kept going, there was definitely going to be a fight,” the juror continued. “They had five sheriff’s deputies at the door and they could hear us and they kept coming in because they thought we were already fighting.”

Though the juror did not detail other jurors’ decisions, the juror did offer personal reflections on the case. “I think that [Cosby] gave [the pills] to her, and then later when he saw what was up, maybe he figured, ‘Maybe I’ll do something,’” the juror said.



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