Sunday, April 18, 2021

TAYO CARTOON/WANTED: A British Superhero

tayo - black super hero

*I have watched the trailer for upcoming Marvel Studios Black Panther film and The CW Television Network pilot of Black Lightning, DC Comics’ Black Superhero created by writer, Tony Isabella with artist Trevor Von Eeden.

I am full of excitement and proud to have met Tony Isabella at the 15th East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention ECBACC convention in Philadelphia.

He was full of pride for the character he created but mostly well loved by comic book enthusiasts who were at the convention.

He spoke highly of my work as well for drawing real life Black heroes and achievers past present and future in my OUR ROOTS cartoon series.

The well known Black superhero characters though are mostly African-American characters. The University of Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton Black History month Group in the United Kingdom have set out to design and launch the new Black British superhero challenge. UK has never had a Black superhero that young ones can relate to or identify with. In fact Nigeria years back, had a superhero which I still remember till today called Powerman. I hope UK can eventually and successfully have its own Black superhero. It is inconceivable that if the superhero is successful, that it will not be made into a TV series or movie adaptation. The opportunity is there, once the hurdle of creating one is achieved. British and Hollywood actor Idris Elba and other British Black actors come to my mind playing a British superhero for TV or films. it is believed that the superhero challenge will give young British Comic artists, the opportunity to create a superhero who is Black and British. I would love to see the superhero character fighting knife crime especially in London.

tayo fatunla - with kufi (eurweb pic)
TAYO Fatunla contributor, TAYO Fatunla is an award winning  Nigerian Comic Artist, writer and illustrator and Editorial cartoonist. He is a graduate of the prestigious U.S. Art school, The Kubert  School, New Jersey. His cartoons are used for educational purposes in school books, Newsletters, journals and for presentations –




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