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Nick Gordon’s Girlfriend Details Alleged Abuse: ‘Only the Grace of God Saved Me’

*The woman who said Nick Gordon savagely beat her is now speaking out about her ordeal in vivid detail, telling the Daily Mail that his treatment of her began to mirror the reports of manipulation and intimidation he allegedly directed toward his late ex-girlfriend, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Gordon faces charges of domestic violence battery and false imprisonment for allegedly trapping new girlfriend Laura Leal inside of his mother’s Sanford, Florida home and beating her until she was able to break free and run into his mom’s room for protection. Leal credits his mother, Michele Gordon, with saving her life.

In an exclusive interview with, Leal, 26, said she was lucky not to have ended up like Bobbi Kristina.

“I’ve been reading the reports about Bobbi Kristina and I’m physically shaking,” she told “I read about her being isolated, her family not knowing where she was, the manipulation, the bullying – it’s the exact same thing. That could have been me. Only the Grace of God saved me.”

Leal, a restaurant worker, said she ignored the negative reports about Gordon, 28, when she met him three months ago in a bar. “In all sincerity we never talked about Bobbi Kristina. I was protective of his feelings and what he had been through,” she told

Cut to several weeks later, when Leal says Gordon had slowly taken over her life by shutting out her family and destroying her phone. She says Gordon would fly into jealous rages, drank heavily every day, smoked weed and constantly accused her of having sex with his male friends.

Below, Leal’s account of her abuse in the Daily Mail:

The pair started to physically fight, with 6ft 1in Gordon subjecting his 5ft 2in lover to pushing, punching and, on one occasion, choking her to the point that she threw up. In another violent episode she says he slammed her face into the passenger window of his BMW before attending a friend’s party as if nothing had happened. Just two weeks ago Leal says she locked herself in a bathroom so she could call for help only for Gordon to pry the lock open with a knife before grabbing and smashing her iPhone.

“It started with a push and a slap, it would happen at least once a week,” recalled Leal of Daytona Beach, Florida. “I would have to put makeup on my bruises to cover them up, especially on my face. But I blamed myself. I thought it was my problem and that I had to work harder at the relationship to make it work. I thought he loved me but how can you love someone when you put them through this hell? It’s like a double personality in one person. He’s psychotic. I didn’t ever see him take heroin or crack but now I’m wondering if he was doing that behind my back.”

The latest clash began Friday night when Leal and Gordon were drinking with friends and watching Game 4 of the NBA finals at Duffy’s Sports Bar in Lake Mary, Florida. Gordon headed to his car to fetch a phone charger but didn’t return for an hour, sparking yet another heated argument when they got home. According to a police report it soon “became physical and lasted through the night” as Gordon repeatedly accused Leal of cheating.

“Who knows where he went or what he went to buy when he left the bar,” she said.
“But it was like a switch had been flicked. He wanted me to admit that I was involved with his friend but I wasn’t going to admit to something that wasn’t true. He literally sat on top of me on the bed punching my head with his big ass body on top of me. I was punched so hard that I was seeing colors and a bright flashing light.

I thought I was going to go blind and wondered whether I was ever going to be able to see again. I thought to myself, am I dying? My head was swollen my neck hurt so bad. He grabbed me by my hair. He would wrestle me one minute then try to hug me. We were going through this for six hours.

“People will ask why I didn’t just run out of the house but I could not leave. He was never going to let me just walk out of there and go into 7-eleven to get help. I would never have made it. He was capable of anything.’

Leal’s ordeal reached a brutal climax around 7am Saturday when she tried to use Gordon’s laptop to send a Facebook SOS to her family. Her sister Carla ordered her an Uber but by then Gordon had seen the messages, snatched the device away and blocked her escape.

In a final desperate attempt to flee Leal says she picked up a large decorative candle and hurled it at Gordon’s face, shattering his nose and causing it to stream blood.
“I didn’t mean to break his nose but it was a survival instinct,” she said. “He looked at me with such hate that I will never forget it. He raised his fist like he was about to knock me out so I opened the door and ran into his mom’s room. She hopped out of bed, I said ”Michelle I need to get home” and she said she would take me. She is a great woman. She saved my life. ‘Nick threw my stuff all over the sidewalk but it ended right there.”

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