Thursday, October 6, 2022

Piers Morgan Slams Amber Rose Over Her Explicit ‘Feminist Bush’ Photo

nude again

*We’re not here to slut-shame, or body-shame — if a woman wants to take all her clothes off and put her bits on display for the world to critique, then do you, boo boo kitty. Just don’t file the move under the FEMINISM category because there is nothing empowering about a woman putting her vajayjay on public display.

Such a move is called ATTENTION SEEKING, so recognize how these loose females are trying to change the game and stop the madness… yes, we’re talking to you Amber Rose.

In case you missed it, a Twitter feud erupted when Piers Morgan took Amber to task for allowing her hairy vagina to become social media fodder.

“Put it away, luv. Thanks,” Morgan tweeted at Rose — thus beginning a back and forth between the two about what should and should not be defined as feminism and female empowerment.

Rose said her Instagram-banned pic was intended to promote women’s rights and raise awareness for her #SlutWalk campaign. Morgan claimed the post is nothing more than an attention-seeking stunt. And we agree with him, most especially with this comment that he fired back at all narcissistic celebrities on Instagram:

“I just find this new trend of famous women posting nude photos & pretending it’s to ‘promote feminism’ utterly laughable…. The only way for a woman to succeed in life is to post nude photos of themselves to millions of strangers’ – said no true feminist ever,” he wrote.


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Amber Rose onstage at AHF Presents The Know Your Status Tour -Atlanta at Clark Atlanta Univeristy on April 20, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Amber Rose onstage at AHF Presents The Know Your Status Tour -Atlanta at Clark Atlanta Univeristy on April 20, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rose fired back at Morgan’s accusation, defending the post with a condescending tweet. “I’m sorry I forgot only men can be sexually confident,” she wrote.

The British journalist quickly responded, “It’s not about sexual confidence. It’s about you posting nude photos claiming it promotes feminism, which is utter nonsense.”

Unable to make sense out of her twisted logic, Rose became pretty explicit in the back-and-forth tweets with Morgan, and at one point saying she would video tape him masturbating to the picture while he apologized to her. To which he replied: “Well, there’s a first time for everything Ms Rose. My worry would be you’d want to live-stream it to Instagram to ‘promote feminism’

Where is the lie in what Piers said?

You can read all their banter HERE and HERE.

Meanwhile, after Amber took to her IG account on June 9 to reintroduce the world to what a vagina with hair looks like, it motivated feeble-minded millennials to proudly bare their “bush” in a new social media experiement called the #AmberRoseChallenge

Many of the pics (which can be seen in the gallery HERE) are tame and pretty hilarious, with fans using everything from wigs to pineapples to serve as their “bush,” but sadly, others are actully posting the real deal.

Though Amber’s pic was removed due to Instagram’s nudity policy, she maintains it was an important move to help “bring back the bush,” as she explained in the caption of her response video to the pic’s removal.

“Amber posted it because she wanted to provide an alternative body image from the usual stick-thin model types young girls are subjected to seeing day in and day out,” an insider close to Amber told of her motivations. “Amber loves her curves, and she wants to encourage other women and girls to love theirs too. She’s all about body positivity.”

The former stripper has dubbed herself the modern day Queen of Female Empowerment, as such, she uses the status to promote her annual SlutWalk — a march in downtown Los Angles that’s dedicated to anti-slut shaming. Whatever that means.



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