Wednesday, January 19, 2022

‘Juice’ Director Ernest Dickerson & Cast Gather to Celebrate 25th Anniversary Release (EUR Exclusive)

*It’s been 25 years since  Ernest D. Dickerson directed the cult classic “Juice” starring Tupac Shakur, Omar Epps, Khalil Kain, and Jermaine Hopkins.

In honor of the film, fans and cast members came together at the Arc Light Cinemas in Hollywood, CA in celebration of the special 25th Anniversary Blue-ray DVD release which features over one hour of special behind the scenes footage from the cast and crew.

A few notable names such as Micheal Ealy, Luenell Campbell, and fellow cast member Flex Washington joined everyone in a discussion prior to the screening of the film.

During the discussion Flex shared “many people don’t know the role of Q came down between Omar and I. Omar ultimately got the role but that pushed me to go harder in my career.” Flex ended up landing a role in the film as an inspiring DJ still.

In the green room prior to the screening Ernest Dickerson, Khalil Kain, and Jermaine Hopkins sat down with EURweb and shared memories from working with the cast and legendary Tupac Shakur. The cast mentioned a key aspect that isn’t found in films these days is the character development and authenticity of life that Juice was able to capture. The idea of 4 friends from the inner city neighborhood hanging out and jumping from roof to roof was and still is relatable to many young urban viewers.

Jermaine Hopkins spoke about the undeniable chemistry that the four actors shared while on set. Dickerson can be credited for the groups’ tight bond due to bringing the young brothers out to eat for dinners during the casting process in order create a bond between the actors. When asked about working with Tupac Dickerson mentioned “A lot of times in between set ups, sometimes he (Pac) would go off in a corner with a notebook and write. I’d like to think he was writing music that he would be coming out with later.”

As the interview began to wrap the cast was asked “what are your thoughts on a possible 2nd installment of Juice? We’ve seen many production companies do this with other classic movies. The cast had a mutual agreement that a 2nd Juice isn’t needed and the original shall live forever. Make sure to go purchase the classic film “Juice” now available on Blue-ray and DVD.




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