Sunday, September 19, 2021

EUR’s ‘Family Time’ Set Visit (Photos)

family time - set visit1

*“Family Time” starring Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell is currently in production working on its 5th season to air on Bounce TV this fall. Bounce TV is the first African American broadcast network, featuring a programming mix of theatrical motion pictures, sporting events, documentaries, and TV series.

“Family Time” is about bringing modern day issues of the African American family to the television screen. The series is the only and leading TV series on the Bounce TV network. Also, Bounce TV network can even be viewed on local television service that voids the need of a cable subscription.

family time - set visit2

The “Family Time” series began back in 2012 with Omar Gooding’s character Tony Stallworth winning half a million dollars off of a scratch off lottery ticket. The money was just enough to get the Stallworth family out from their tough situation into areas next to Beverly Hills. They moved up but not all the way up.

Director Bentley Kyle Evans’ resume is quiet impressive showing that he’s been involved in hit 90’s sitcoms such as Martin and The Jamie Foxx show. So, it’s safe to say he understands what it takes to have a successful sitcom. Bentley Evans was asked “what makes a sitcom a great success?”

He replied by saying “keeping the reality of life time situations, maybe through sarcasm or showing flaws within each character is the key.”

family time - set visit3

The cast ensemble also features Tanjareen Thomas (Johnson Family Vacation), Clayton Tomas (Uncle Buck), and son of director Bentley Kyle Evans Jr. Omar Gooding’s career started on sitcoms such as “Smart Guy” and 30 years later he continues to excel on camera where he began.

Omar and the cast continue to demonstrate how a true family can argue with one another one day and make up the next day. Be on the lookout for season 5 of “Family Time” coming in the fall of 2017.




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