Sunday, September 25, 2022

Apple Exec Eddie Cue Denies Telling Rihanna ‘B**ch Sit Down!’ During NBA Finals

*Folks are still dissecting the many facets of Rihanna’s court side behavior during Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, including an incident that caused her to dab on someone who called her a b**ch and told her to sit down.

That someone was discovered to be Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet software and services for Apple Music, and a lifelong Warriors fan.

“This man yelling at Rihanna to sit down during the game last night enrages me in a way that I can’t even articulate,” tweeted Andrea M, a digital/social editor for ESPN, along with video of the alleged incident. Watch below:

Turns out Cue was indeed yelling for a woman to sit down, but it wasn’t Rihanna…so he claims.

“Nothing but love for Rihanna (and KD, too!) As usual I was excited about our lead and actually talking to Marissa, 8 seats to my right,” Cue tweeted Friday.

Apple echoed Cue’s response, tweeting that the exec was talking to someone he knew seated between him and Rihanna, and wasn’t telling her to sit down.

Meanwhile, Andrea M has since taken her video down after her Twitter got caught up in the Rihanna Navy. “LMAO I love Rihanna too but now everybody’s in my mentions ready to fight,” she tweeted Friday. “I don’t have the hard work or dedication it takes to be considered ‘Rihanna Twitter.’ The video just made me mad lol.”




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