Tuesday, September 27, 2022

FBI Investigated the 1996 Death of Prince’s Newborn Son?

*The 1996 death of Prince and Mayte Garcia’s newborn son, Amiir, was reportedly the target of a possible homicide investigation, according to gossip site RadarOnline.

The website claims to have uncovered “long-buried, secret government files” indicating that a homicide detective interviewed two of Prince’s former employees who were listed on the death certificate.

“The death of Prince’s baby is also being investigated by authorities,” read the case report, according to RadarOnline. “3/28/97 AUSA [Redacted] was advised the facts and declined federal prosecution because the case does not meet federal prosecutorial standards.”

The acronym AUSA usually refers to “Assistant U.S. Attorney,” although it’s unclear who the FBI was considering for prosecution, notes the website.

The attorney, according to the documents, decided to leave the case up to local Minnesota prosecutors.

No charges were ever filed in the case.

Prince’s son, Amiir, died shortly after his birth on Oct. 16, 1996. His then-wife, Garcia, delivered the infant by C-section, although the baby suffered from severe defects.

Two weeks after his death, Prince invited Oprah Winfrey to Paisley Park for an interview. In her recent memoir, Mayte wrote she knew Oprah had “come to find out if the child was dead or deformed, like people were saying.”

When told by Oprah that “it’s been rumored that your baby boy was born with health problems,” Prince — who died of a drug overdose at age 57 on April 21, 2016 — answered it was “all good. Never mind what you hear.”



  1. Prince always kept his personal life private and yes his son had birth defects but died due to those birth defects and he was very nonchalant with all of his answers to the press no matter what the case was. That was just his personality. This is shameful bringing up someone’s sorrow after their passing. Mayte is still around and you do not think for one moment that this story hurts her. Sincerely Prince #1 Fan!!

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