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TV ONE, Eva Marcille, Erica Ash, Brely Evans Gearing Up for A Dramatic Holiday Season! (EUR Exclusive)

eva marcille & erica ash
Eva Marcille greeted by Erica Ash as she enters on set to begin press interviews

*EURweb correspondent, Loren LoRosa, got a very, very early Christmas gift: a day on set with the cast & crew of TV ONE’s new holiday films, “Miss Me This Christmas” and “You Cant Fight Christmas” set to premiere in November of 2017.

TV ONE, which launched in January 2004, serves more than 60 million African American adult households with everything from daily programming, movies and music and this Christmas season they’ll be serving up drama, comedy and the feel good holiday spirit with their newly acquired films, “You Cant Fight Christmas” starring Brely Evans and Andra Fuller back to back with “Miss Me This Christmas” which includes the talented Erica Ash and Eva Marcille, just to name a few!

One set, one production crew, yet two films being filmed… TVONE makes it all look so easy!

Witnessing this network pull off the impossible, we first enter on set literally walking right into the filming of Miss Me This Christmas. As the director yells, “quiet on set” we watch the magic that is Hollywood unfold! Erica Ash and Nathan Davis Jr. hop right into character shooting a touching hotel arrival scene.

My character Thomas is a guy who doesn’t have a lot of money, his dad is beating him at home and this is his first job at the Chesterton and he just wants to make everyone happy!” – Nathan Davis Jr.

Eva Marcille and Erica Ash
Eva Marcille and Erica Ash as the press preview day gets under way

Miss Me This Christmas tells the story of heartbreak during the holidays as Regina, played by Erica Ash enters the Chesterton Hotel to begin her girls get away with her best friend Trish, Eva Marcille, as she awaits the finalization of her divorce from her husband, who she happened to have married three years ago on Christmas day.

“I feel like in your life at some point you will have been that friend a few times and needed that friend a few times. I play the best friend of Regina who is going through her martial problems and got some issues going on. When your friend is going through it your going through it! Im the friend thats going to pick her up and be like girl its ok! We’re going to get through it!” -Eva Marcille

Nathan Davis Jr.
Nathan Davis Jr. shoots photo promo for his role Thomas dressed as his character, the bell boy of the Chesterton Hotel

TV ONE pulls off the magic of shooting two films which somehow intertwine, all at one time! With all of the Christmas decorations, the camera crews, lights and celebrities walking around there was tons to see!

“Let me explain something to you about the magic that is TVONE, they figured out how to find scripts that integrate together and they all have their own story. Its been really amazing to work here while two stories are going on at one time.” – EVA MARCILLE

Erica Ash and character husband
Erica Ash and character husband pose as they head into an on set photo shoot dressed as their characters

Brely Evans
Brely Evans is also in the TV One Christmas production

Through the four hour day on set we also got to witness the talent of the hilarious Brely Evans, prepping for her role, Leslie in You Cant Fight Christmas. You Cant Fight Christmas unfolds as Leslie Major begins to tackle her job of turning the Chesterton hotel into a winter wonderland, a job she takes great pride in that this year she holds deeply to her heart as an entrepreneur because it may be her only job. Things get shaken up with the grandson of the owner and his partner get the idea to give the hotel a corporate makeover, doesn’t sound to good for Leslie at all!

“My character Leslie Major actually walks into as Leslie Major into another film, the two leading ladies collide in the film. She is the super energetic design engineer, this is her life! She uses her gift of design to make people happy” – Brely Evans

Both movies are set to premier in November of 2017! Grab your loved ones and your egg nog, your in for a treat! Visit for more information.




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