Wednesday, September 28, 2022

White Man Who Punched Black Female Security Guard (Zoa Stigler) in Face Turns Himself In (Watch)

Zoa Stigler
Zoa Stigler

*All anyone who saw the video of a white man punching a Black female security guard in the face could do was gasp. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

It really wasn’t clear what was going on as there is no sound, but you could see a Black female security guard (Zoa Stigler) apparently speaking to someone who was a part of a group of about four people. The people look as if they are about to leave.

One man, wearing a cap, who was just standing at a table all of a sudden grabs a bottle of water and begins to stroll towards the security guard. With no warning whatsoever, he throws the water at her! She appears to say something to him but he hauls off and straight up punches her in the face. He, and the group of people, then simply walk away.

The security guard, stunned and in pain, stumbles for a few seconds before opening a set of glass doors and disappearing inside. (Click over for the shocking video.)

An alert was put out on social media (I jumped on board and posted it on my private page, too) for someone to help ID the man.

We are learning more now.

UPDATE: The man responsible for punching Zoa Stigler outside of a River North condo in Chicago was obviously struck by his own conscience…

On Tuesday he turned himself in.

Read more and watch the video at EURThisNthat.




    • Hi Steve, thanks for weighing in. When the article was published the man had yet to be identified, so a visual was all we had to go on. He looks “white.” How did you distinguish Latino/Hispanic (BTW, most identify “white” if asked.)

      • By his name, DeLeon is a Hispanic/Latino surname. When posting my comment I did not intend to question the intent of the article as he could easily be mistaken for “white,” it was simply an observation based on the available facts at the time of my comment. To be clear I am not saying the title should be “Hispanic man punches Black woman Security Guard,” but something like “Man punches female Security Guard” would be more apropos given the circumstances.

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