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Funk Flex Responds to T.I. and Suge Knight’s Son About TuPac Comments

tupac comments

*Funkmaster Flex continues to stand by his claims that Tupac Shakur caused The Notorious B.I.G.’s death 20 years ago.

The Hot 97 DJ has been going at it for about a week on social media about what really went down when Tupac got shot at Quad Music Studios in New York City in 1994. Most recently, he accused rapper Lil Kim of trying to get her ex to beat him up. She basically responded to his accusations like, “Ni*ga, what?”

Meanwhile, Flex has been on social media responding to T.I. and Suge Knight’s son’s criticism of his Pac and Biggie claims. He took to Instagram Live on Thursday night (May 4) to address the backlash from industry players and fans alike.

Peep his response below.

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T.I. performs during V-103 Live Pop Up Concert at Philips Arena on March 25, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.
T.I. performs during V-103 Live Pop Up Concert at Philips Arena on March 25, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Biggie. Notorious B.I.G. did not set him up in that studio that night, to get robbed. That is my only issue. That’s my only issue,” Flex began. He maintains that Tupac knew without a doubt that Biggie had nothing to do with the shooting, and he only threw B.I.G. under the bus because he was scared of the real shooters.

“He lied man, he lied. He f***ing lied man, and he never cleared it up. And then he died. And then Biggie died.”

He then addressed T.I., who defended Pac from Funk’s accusations.

“T.I. you talking about G Code. That’s not G Code. That ain’t G Code. He lied, and Biggie died. That’s my only issue! That’s it! That’s it bro! Why is that so hard?” said Flex. “You think that’s cool? You think that’s good? We worship that? I don’t worship that, and I wont, and I don’t have to!”



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