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Laura Govan Talks to ‘The Doctors’ About Her Chronic Yeast Infections (Watch)

Laura Govan on "The Doctors"
Laura Govan on “The Doctors” (May 9, 2017)

*Reality star Laura Govan got extremely candid on Tuesday’s episode of “The Doctors,” revealing her battle with a chronic string of vaginal yeast infections.

The situation is under control now, thanks to antibiotics and a new diet. But Govan decided to bring her ordeal to a national audience so that other woman can feel empowered about seeking treatment. The 37-year-old ex-girlfriend of former NBA star Gilbert Arenas said her trouble started after delivering her fourth child.

“My biggest problem was getting yeast infections because I can’t break sugar down,” Govan tells the syndicated daytime TV show. “There’s so much sugar in so many things, and changing my diet… it was hard, it was a struggle.”

The show’s gynecologist Dr. Nita Landry asked if her itching had “a smell associated with it?”

“Well for me… I don’t go around smelling like salmon croquette! Like I’m not… you know, I’m fresh. But, there’s still like… you know when you start rubbing? And the smell?” she says, rubbing her thumb and fingers together and holding it up to her nose. “It’s like anything – if you start rubbing cottage cheese after a while it’s like, it’s smells like a little cardboard with a little hint of, you know, something.”

Dr. Landry said the smell is a key part of diagnosing a yeast infection over other conditions, which have similar symptoms. Bacterial infections, such as bacterial vaginosis, can cause pain and itching and a fishy vaginal discharge. Yeast infections, however, are characterized by a discharge that is similar in smell and consistency to cottage cheese.

“So it’s important for women to go in, and have a swab, so that your doctor look at the swab under the microscope to make sure we’re treating the appropriate thing,” said Dr. Landry.

Govan agreed: “I knew it would be a yeast infection because I would have it – like, my first one I had it for like a village, and I was like… ok, oh my god.”

The former “Basketball Wives” star also said swapping thongs for white cotton underwear has made all the difference.

“Oooo them thongs boy! Won’t they do it, won’t they do it,’ she says to Dr. Landry.

Watch Govan’s segment on “The Doctors” below:



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