Monday, March 8, 2021

Is the Media Hating, Or Are Things Really That Bad? All the Tea on LaLa and Melo

Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Anthony

*So as everyone may know by now, Carmelo and Alani (La La for short) Anthony (née Vázquez), both Brooklyn natives, are divorcing.

Carmelo, who plays professional basketball for the New York Nicks, and La La who is an actress and author are reportedly calling it quits after ten years of marital bliss.

In reading stories on the latest developments in the duo’s pending divorce, I could not help but notice a consistent narrative being portrayed by the media. In just about every article written on the pair, the media has said that divorce is imminent and reconciliation does not seem likely. This prompted me to wonder, is the media hating? Or, are things really that bad between the two?

For love’s sake, I hope the two can make things work. Though I may stand alone in my opinion, I stand by it. Maybe there is something to what former Mayor Rudy Giuliani said about “all professional athletes” doing what Carmelo allegedly did.

la la anthonybookcover

Personally, I am devastated. I read “The Love Playbook” written by La La and paid close attention to her advice on finding and keeping love. To hear that her love is no longer working out, saddens me. To make things worse, I have been going through many of the soon to be former couple’s pictures together, and I cannot help but hope that they stick it out. Carmelo, stands accused of impregnating his dancer “side-chick” and carrying on an illicit affair with the woman.

If La La is leaving the marriage maybe she is just being practical. If Carmelo is no longer interested in his wife, why should she stay? But if pictures of them together are any indication of their current feelings toward each other, I hope that they two can find common grounds and make things work. As parents to ten-year-old Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, one can only imagine how their divorcing may impact their child’s life. Children, especially young children tend to take divorce hard. It is not easy having both parents in your life one day, and the next, only one. Apparently, La La herself is not taking the potential divorce (neither of them have yet to formally file for divorce) easy either. She has been spotted appearing as though she has been crying her heart out.

The two supposedly have a prenuptial agreement which would limit the amount of money that La La would receive in a divorce. There are however “cheating clauses” that would alter the dynamics of the agreement in favor of the faithful partner if the other were to stray. The faithful party in this case would be La La. It is unclear if the two have this clause in their prenuptial agreement. Outside of that, La La could still potentially receive as much as $100,000 per month in child support from Melo. Well, whatever the two decide, I wish them nothing but the best.

Priscilla Mensah is an avid reader and health scholar who resides in Brooklyn New York. Her passions include community empowerment and improvement. Priscilla can be reached at [email protected].




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