Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sheila E. Offended by Paperwork Needed to Retrieve Her Own Stuff from Paisley Park

Katie Couric and Sheila E.
Katie Couric and Sheila E.

*One year after the death of Prince at his Paisley Park home, friend and collaborator Sheila E. is still having a tough time, and hasn’t step foot inside of the facility outside of Minneapolis since the memorial. And it’s not solely because of raw emotions.

“They’re telling me that I have to fill out forms to get my stuff back if I want it,” the famed percussionist revealed to Katie Couric for her Yahoo interview series.

Sheila E. says she has a bunch of recordings that are sitting inside studios at Paisley Park that she is unable to retrieve without going through lots of paperwork – a formality she finds offensive and unnecessary.

“I see my stuff in there. It was home for me, too. And to tell me then I can’t get any of my stuff because I have to prove that it’s mine is insane,” she said.

Sheila E. believes that the museum at Paisley Park is a good thing because it’s something Prince had always wanted, but she also feels that it opened too fast.

“There should have been more things that were planned out as opposed to, ‘let’s hurry up and make a bunch of money,” she said.

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