Thursday, December 9, 2021

Immigration Now: Attorney Shan Potts / A Reel Urban News Exclusive (Watch)

*Illegal immigration has become a critical issue from the White House to the State House to our neighbors’ house.

Veteran immigration and criminal defense attorney Shan Potts recently sat down with Reel Urban News to discuss the problem and how it might be solved.

“Immigration now is a national issue,” said Potts. “People in Middle America are talking about immigration. It’s an issue we’re dealing with today.”

Potts has worked as a criminal defense and immigration attorney for nearly two decades in Los Angeles, the issue’s Ground Zero.

“Because Los Angeles is a city of immigrants it affects every other area of the city. It affects black and brown people. It affects our employment base. It’s an area we all need to be interested in. It’s an issue in which Donald Trump led his presidential campaign. That was his primary focus.”

Because immigration and criminal defense issues often intersect, Potts’ clients often require representation in both areas of law.

“Traditionally, just addressing the immigration issue and representing people in removal proceedings, the criminal defense issue was not prominent. Then it became obvious I had to address that issue because many people who are facing peril in their immigration question, it’s because of their criminal history.”

Potts recently expanded the scope of his law practice: he now assists clients in clearing or removing criminal convictions from their records.

“ is an online legal service,” Potts explained. “We help people when they have criminal convictions learn what their options are, whether it’s possible to eliminate those criminal convictions or modify the conviction so they have relief.

“One of my greatest joys is to help people achieve their dreams, to help others overcome legal hurdles and actualize goals. There is nothing else I’d rather do.”

shan potts & michael reel
Attorney Shan Potts and Michael Reel, Reel Urban News following the Immigration Now interview in Los Angeles, Ca. Photo Credit: Kevin Maxwell/Reel Urban Images

Potts told Michael Reel of Reel Urban News that his goal is national comprehensive immigration reform.

“I hope that our country can come together and create and agree upon immigration reform to deal with the pressing issues of removal of those individuals who should be removed, document those immigrants who should be documented and address national security.”

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