Sunday, May 22, 2022

Katt Williams Strikes Plea Deal – Jason Derulo Wants Piece of Facebook Killer (WATCH)

katt williams
Katt Williams (photo via TMZ)

*We all know that Katt Williams is crazy, but we just learned he ain’t stupid.

Instead of going to the pokey for the alleged robbery of paparazzo in Bev Hills by copping a plea.

Meanwhile Jason Derulo is itching to “fire” on the Facebook Killer.

But first, the “Kattman” plead no contest Monday to felony 2nd degree robbery in the case involving still jailed pal Suge Knight. The two of them were accused of confronting a female photog back in 2014. She was recording them, when they got pissed and allegedly took her gear from her. Much of the incident was captured on camera.

The bottom line is that Katt – after striking a deal – was immediately sentenced to 3 years probation, and 54 weeks of anger management classes.

As you can imagine, Suge’s case is still pending ’cause he’s in lockdown because of his murder case. Learn MORE about that, HERE.

In other crime news, the Facebook killer, Steve Stephens, has got the attention of the world and entertainer Jason Derulo, who knows exactly what he’ll do if he comes face-to-face with Stephens.

TMZ spoke to the the singer at LAX, and like almost everyone, he’s shaken by the horrific story of Stephens posting video of himself murdering a grandfather. Jason says you can’t blame social media for this … Stephens is just sick.

As for the $50k reward to catch the killer — Jason told us how he thinks America should respond, and says he’s ready to back up his words.





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